My Wife At The Adult Theater

Totally 100% true story. This happened a few weeks ago. My wife and I were browsing a local adult shop looking for a good lube to try and I noticed the shop featured a small theater as well. I had my wife in very short and strapless dress that exposed just the very bottom of her *** where it meets the back of the thigh and the tops of her round 32 DD ****. The material of the dress was very thin and her nipples shown through when they would get hard. She was wearing a pair of stiletto heels and she had removed her panties at some point in that evening. We had both had a few drinks so we were feeling good and loose. We got tickets and entered the dark dark hallway leading into the cinema. There were about 6 rows of seats and there were a few homely looking fellas sitting and standing around the room, some of the visibly stroking themselves. A random **** was playing on the screen but it was getting very little attention due to the fact that every guy inthe theater now seemed to have their eyes glued to my wife's sexy body and slutty attire. I lead her to the back row and sat down closest to the wall of the room leaving the seat on the other side of her open to any guy bold enough to make an advance. As we sat the men just continued stroking themselves and failed misserably at hiding their obvious stares at my wife. She was a bit off put by this and uncomfortable at first but also strangely arroused at the same time. I was getting turned on imagining all the possible ways the situation could unfold. As my wife began to relax I stared to stroke her legs while slowly pushing her dress up her thighs to expose her crotch. She liked this and closed her eyes, tilted her head back, spread her legs a bit and reached for my **** rubbing it in my pants. By now I was getting hard, my wife was getting really wet and a few of these gruff looking men we're closing in on my wife. I rubbed her ***** with one hand an began peeling her dress off of her huge round ****. Her erect nipples sprang free as a rough and callus hand reached over an began groping her breast. The man looked to be in his 50s and was very unkempt. His hair was long, grey and ratty. He looked like he might have been homeless. She moaned with pleasure as he squeezed and rubbled her ****. He had his hard **** out and was trying to get it as close as he could to her face. It was hairy but was very big, veiny and he had a big pair of balls. More of the guys began to move in around her so I sat back and watched the scene unfold while pleasuring myself. 4 or 5 guys crowded around her squeezing her **** , finger ******* her and running their hands along the rest of her smooth skin. The old bum and another man, younger but overweight, both slowly took her hands and placed them on each of their errections. She went along with it reluctantly, slowly running her hands along their shafts, balls and **** heads. She was wiggling, wreathing and moaning with pleasure at this point. More men hand entered the theater and were beginning to crowd her. At this point I would love nothing more than to see her get gang ****** by this group of haggard backdrifters. If they had forced themselves on her I'm not totally sure I would have stopped them. My wife began to get overwhelmed and began to retreat from their groping hands. She looked at me with pleading eyes and instepped in imediately seeing that it was to much for her all at once. I told the guys to chill out and that that was all for tonight. They stepped back staring as I helped her put her dress back over her titts and pulled her dress back down. Her juices were dripping down the inside of her thigh. She gathered her wits and we exited the theater, all the men watching us leave, hands still on their *****. On the way home she told me what a turn on that was, how hott she had gotten and that she had just gotten severly overwhelmed. She expressed her desire to do it again and perhaps go farther next time but with fewer participants. I eagerly agreed. We went home and had a great ****. Can't wait to see what happens next time
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i go to sex theaters , i ******* lov it xxx

maybe we can do it at your house with couple guys around. watching **** on your tv.


extremely hot story, you are a sexy little woman, My wife and I had went to the **** shops before.

mmmmmmmmmm she most definitely a supper hot sexy ****

wow very very hot

& where did u say yall lived again ? or wheres this adult shop at ?? lol

Sex in public is a huge turn-on for me especially at adult theaters and after reading your sexy stories I had to go off line just so the bulge in my pants would diminish enough for me to even stand up without everyone seeing my very noticeable erection! You two need your own personal cameraman to document your hot guys don't happen to live in pdx do you?? (lol!)

What a hot couple please add me so wecan share pics. I have several theater sex stories id love to compare notes with you two. I have had a ton of ofun at our local adult bookstores, have you ever played at any gloryholes? One girl I play with loves gloryhole sex so much we built a homemade portable gloryhole we take take places or set up anywhere!

I think I need to start checking these places out in hopes of running into folks like you and your wife! Great story!

man uv got an awesome wife

WOW, crazy experiences all!

Yes there was a time when my wife and I like to visit adult theatres too. <br />
The one we liked usually had a mixed audience and was often quite crowded. <br />
The first time we went, we concentrated on each other and as I was slowly working her very wet ****, I felt another larger and coarser hand join mine. In fact the intruder did quite a job on her and had one finger in her bottom as well. She had a series of ******* and I came too. <br />
Afterwards we agreed it was very exciting, particularly because the moans on the screen were accompanied by moans from other women in other parts of the theatre as well as the occasional male grunt. <br />
But following this we tried another theatre. On this occasion though the audience was entirely men and like your wife my wife felt intimidated and we left after all the men started converging on her. She too was extremely aroused but the situation could easily have gone completely out of control.