Wild Little Arkansas Girl

A few years back, a young married lady from Arkansas worked for me. she was telecomuting. every so often, i had her come to Dallas to assist at conferences etc.... i had known her for several years and tho i thought she was a beautiful mid 30's woman, i also thought of her as just a naive country girl.

Well, after 3 or 4 trips to Dallas and Tampa, i started flirting with her whenever it was just the two of eating or working on presentations. she enjoyed it very much and before long things moved to the next step.... and one night we went all the way. now, i am a true pervert and have had some good fun, but i didn't immediately get this young lady involved in all that. when we were in the same city, we would spend the nite together.

one time when we were laying in bed after some really good sex... i had eaten her ***** for hours it seemed, and played with her big ****. then, i turned her over and took her from behind. she had always been a little loud, but she went crazy being ****** doggy...... so, anyway, afterwards she said that she wanted to hear about some of the kinky things i did... she had heard rumors, she said...
so, i told her some stories about ******* girls on the beach, getting road head, etc.. she got really turned on and we ****** some more... doggy style!!!

a month or so later, i had her back in Dallas for a confernce. as we were driving down the freeway to check into the hotel that afternoon, she leans over, pulls my **** out of my pants and starts blowing me... i drive a 4wd pickup and she had slid into the floor board where she was kind of out of site... i told her that if she wanted to give road head properly, she had to get up in the seat and make sure other vehicles could see her ***. she immediately did just that... pulled her skirt up and shoved my **** down her throat!! several horns honked!! we driving down hwy114 on the north side of DFW Airport in rush hour traffice, so there were plenty of vehicles to see her cute *** bobbing!!! we drove straight into the hotel parking lot with her still sucking my **** for all she was worth.. i stopped her and parked the truck, she was grinning and slid out of the door with her skirt still up around her waist..

as soon as we got in the room, i tackled her on the bed and in just a couple of seconds, i had her face down and my **** in her from behind. she was moaning and begging me to **** her hard... she had never talked dirty like that before!! i was really getting close to shooting my load, when she came really hard and loud!!! and then she started begging me to **** her ***!!!! i slowed down and asked her if she meant it and she begged me again.. she said "i have been thinking about ever since the last time we were together!! i've been surfing it on the web and i want it now!!!" so, taking it a little easy... rubbing her ***** juice all over her little bud, i started to slowly and gently pierce her. she loved it from the very beginning!!!! by the time i had my whole **** in, she was coming again! by the time, i filled her *** with my ***, she had *** 4 more times!!!!

now, to the part where i wanted to share in this group....

we rested a bit, she actually fell asleep... i ordered us some room service... she woke up about 9:30p... took a shower and walked out looking all rested, beautiful, and HORNY!!! she started playing with my ****, rubbing her big ******* all over it.. .i was throbbing!!!

then, she said "i want your **** in my *** while i have a **** in my *****.." i was about knocked crazy!!! this little naive country girl was ready to PLAY big time!!!!! she said " you mentioned the Lido Adult Theater one time.... can we go there? could we find another guy there to **** me?" i said we can find a dozen dicks there to **** you and she squealed!!!

so, she slipped on some short shorts, and a tshirt. her big ******* looked awesome and her *** looked like it needed a **** in it!! i forgot to mention that she is only 5'1", so she looked just darling!!!!! we took off and as it was, we were only about 10 minutes away from the Lido...

to speed this up... we walked in, paid our cover and went up the stairs.... i explained about the viewing rooms along hall, but we went straight to the theater... normally, i would sit on the left side of the Lido theater and then see where any action may be going on. i have nothing against same sex things, but i personally am not interested, so i look to avoid having to disappoint anyone approach me and then have to turn them away. sitting on the left side allows me to do this. but, as i knew my lady was wanting some action, i went around to the back wall on the right.... we had to slide in between several guys to get back there... she was a little nervous and i asked her is she was OK... did she want to leave and she whispered in my ear that she was OK.. would tell me if she got scared..

she watched the movie.. a girl, a white guy, and 2 black guys going at it.... i had her stand in front of me and i held her around the waist... my **** got hard and was pressing into her back( remember she is just over 5') she wiggled her *** against my legs to let me know that she felt my ****.... i could tell by her breathing that she was getting really turned on, so i moved my hands up and started massaging her **** thru her tshirt.... she moaned and if any of the guys weren't already keeping an eye on her, that got their attention!! a few moved in a little closer... after a bit, i decided to go for it, and i moved my hands under the tshirt... she only wiggled her *** against me harder, so i moved the tshirt up over her big ****... she moved her hands behind her and grabbed my ****!! to make things even easier, i pulled her head out of the tshirt but left in on her arms... this put her big **** out there completely bare, but let us keep up with the tshirt..

all the men in the back of the theater were looking but none had grabbed her yet or done anything to scare her... i sure was proud of em!! with her hands behind her, she pulled my **** out my shorts. i turned her around and shoved on her shoulders just a bit and she went to her knees.... with about 8 guys watching, she crammed my **** down her throat a couple of times, then pulled it out and raised up just enough to wrap her **** around my ****. i leaned against the wall and just watched her move those big beautiful ******* up and down my **** while all these guys were watching her.... at least 3 guys took this as a good sign and pulled out their dicks, so that she ended up with 2 of them right in her face as she *** ****** me. one guy's **** was already leaking pre-*** and he moved in and wiped it on her cheek... that did it!! she swallowed his **** to the hilt!! he came almost immediately!!! he pulled his **** out after he had shot his load in her mouth. she never tried to back off of it... and then she looked up at me, and as she smiled, the *** ran out the sides of her mouth... i pulled her up to her feet, turned her around, bent her over, pulled her shorts and down and crammed my **** in her *****.... the dicks by the dozen were shoved in her face!!!

i ****** her just a couple of minutes and then stopped... stood her up, pulled our shorts up and then took her hand. i lead her out of the the theater and a dozen guys followed us.... i went to the first empty viewing room and the last guy in shut the door.. she was grinning ear to ear as i pulled her shorts off completely and layed her back on the couch. i shoved her legs up to her big **** and shoved my **** in her *****... the guys surrounded us and all of them had their ***** out beating them... she would look at me and look at all the dicks around her and say..." i ain't in Arkansas anymore"... then just giggle!!!

as she was squeezing her **** and moaning and urging the guys on, i pulled my **** out of her ***** and began to shove it in her ***.. she immediately came!!! she grabbed her **** and started rubbing it and begging me to **** her *** harder!!! one of the guys said that he was gonna ***, and asked if she wanted it, she screamed.. "on my ****!! *** on my ****!!!" so the dude moved in and shot all over them!! that started a bit of a trend... probably 7 or 8 guys came on her **** in the next 2 minutes!! and a lot of the *** was on her face and hair!!

as the spent guys were leaving another couple of guys came in and so we had about 5 guys still in there with us... there was one guy that was dressed like he just came from a business meeting, but had a pretty big ****... she was staring at him, so, i pulled my **** out of her ***, had her stand up, i sat down, and i helped her get her *** back down on my ****... and leaned her back onto me...
this left her with her legs and ***** wide open!! i told the business suit guy to **** her. he dropped his pants and had his **** at her ***** in no time.... i got my head around it, and was about to stop him , when he pulled a condom out of his pocket and slipped it on.... whew ... as he slid his **** in her, she almost went into convulsions!! she was thrashing and ******* and i was just hanging on!! the guy ****** her for maybe 5 minutes, then pulled out and shot his load on her belly and ****. but, to be truthful about it, i dumped my load in her *** about 2 minutes into it! it felt great!!!!

during the double ****, 2 of the other guys had *** on her ****. i gently got her off me and sitting in the corner of the couch. the last two guys asked if they could **** her, but i said no, but they could *** on her face if they wanted too.... hehe, they both shot off on her 10 seconds later!!!!!

i got everybody out of the room, let her rest for a few and then said that we need to get out of there. i put her shorts back on her, pulled her tshirt over her head and covered her boobs.. the *** was so think on her ******* that the shirt was invisible almost immediately. her **** and nipples were plainly visible. her hair was matted with *** and her faces was still covered. we walked out of the room, down the stairs and out to the truck with everyone staring!! there was a couple just coming in when we walked out. the lady's mouth just gaped open and they just stood there.... don't know if that excited her or if they turned around and left. i hope they went on in and had fun!!!

anyway, the was my Wild Little Arkansas Girl's initiation.. and she loved it!!!!

will share other stories on down the road..

Ya'll Have Fun!!!
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I would love to find out that was my wife.

Please do share more stories. Your experience is one of my favorite fantasies. I've had the pleasure to play with a couple in an adult theater on several occasions, but can never get enough.