Another Trip To The Paris

Last summer I stopped in at the Paris theater in Syracuse to see what fun I could have.

I went into the theater and let my eyes adjust to the darkness and then took a seat on the left hand side of the aisle a couple of rows from the back. Across the aisle from me and one row ahead, there was a good looking guy that had his **** out, stroking it slowly while watching the movie. I pulled my **** out and started to stroke while watching him. After a couple of minutes, he noticed me and we contunued to jack off.

He stood up and crossed the aisle and sat next to me. He pulled his **** back out and we slid our hands into each other's laps and began to jerk each other off. He had a nicey impressive **** and I was enjoying myself when he suggested that we move to the front row where we would have a little more room.

We walked down to the front row and dropped our pants to our ankles and sat down. I crossed my left knee over his right one and really opened up so that we could have access to each other. After a few minutes of playing around, I got out of the chair and knelt between his legs and started sucking his **** and and licking his balls. I worked on him for several minutes and noticed that we were gathering quite a crowd around us, two guys in the row behind us and one sitting a couple of seats away. I went back to sucking his ****, enjoying the feeling of it's big head in my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt a hand between my legs tugging at my **** from behind. I looked back and saw a guy that was completely nude except his sneakers kneeling behind me. He kept pulling on my **** and started to rub his against my ***. He asked me if I wanted to be ******, and I nodded, but said I would need some lube. He pulled a tube out of his pants, which were on a chair a couple of seats away, and lubed up his **** and my ***. He pushed into my *** as I began sucking my first friend off again.

After a couple of minutes, I heard him say, "I'm coming", and he shot it up my ***. He pulled out and started to move away, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him in fron of the guy that I had been blowing. I pushed his head on to the **** and he took over what I had been doing. I grabbed the tube of lube and worked some into him and then began ******* him while he sucked off the other guy.

The guy getting the blow job started to moan and popped his load. I was not far behind him.

I stood up, pulled my pants back on, thanked the guys that I had been with and walked to the bathroom to clean up.
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7 Responses Dec 15, 2011

Going this weekend of 11/28 to 11/30/14 have always loved it - go fully dressed

I was there last year. Had a good time. Is it still ok?

I'll be there in about a month.Had a good time once befre.

Does this still go on ?

I'm thinking of checking out Paris on 8/9/14.

That sounds like a really good time!!!

It was.

I'll be in Syracuse soon, Hope it hasn't changed,

sounds hot

I don't even remember how many times I've jerked to this story!

WOW that is exciting I have no experience in man to man sex but that had to be hot