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just a 111quick note about an evening back in February 2012....

i was in Irving for a meeting and it ran late. i got into my hotel room and rested for a bit. about 11pm, i deciced to run over to the Lido and see if any couples were playing. i wasn't expecting much because it was a Monday nite.
i sat there in the upstairs theater for about 45 minutes and was thinking that it was going to be a bust..was just about to leave...
about that time, the door to the theater opened and a couple walked in. they looked to be in their mid 50's and in good health. she had blondish hair and a slim body, but with nice big hooters. he was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt.
they went to the "business" side of the theater and sat down near the end of the next to back row,
at that time, there was about 8 guys in the theater, counting me, but a couple more followed the couple in.
we all were watching them to see what was going to happen...
she didnt take long to reach over and start opening the guys pants, so all us guys immediately moved closer....
one guy was standing right behind the husband, and she reached over to his crotch as she kissed her date. that seemed to give all of us the red light to move in......
she pulled the guy behind her busband over and swallowed his ****. he ****** her face for about 5 minutes and then shot his load. she swallowed and grabbed the next ****.
i was probably the 4th or 5th **** she sucked and she was magnificent!!!!
no one lasted very long and she sucked everyone of us... i think that would be 9 or 10 dicks.

and she swallowed every load.

she was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You, Ma'am!!!

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MMM been there more than once, and that is very typical for the Lido.

I know the Lido, nice place.

cool I'm a horny sexual active 50 year woman I love it that I can make a *** fast or before he even hit the *****

where is she when i'm in an adult theater

THE LIDO AH HA...Been there but always tried to get there early enough to get a seat in the back row. Two-somes, three-somes-four-somes, hell of a place. One night there was a couple right behind my wife and the lady got on her knees and starting to suck him off. We could hear her slurping they were that close to us. We left that night about 3:30am and they were still going hot and heavy.