The Lust I Felt While Wearing A *** Mustache

For as long as I know I have been very sexual. I was 23 homeless, horny and desired to keep out of the cold. So I went inside an adult theater. I was scared but warm as I sat in the seat. Their we're many men jacking off. I was curious looking around at the men with their dicks out. I was hypnotized by the sight and the large amount TP in the seats. They paid me no mind while they tugged and pulled until they ***. Watching them made me pulled my breasts out and I rubbed them until my nipples got hard. A man got out of his seat and sat down beside me and asked me if he could touch. Aaaaah his soft touch and the hard on between his legs I let him suck and as his **** grew I put my hand on his **** stroking. I laid back in the chair feeling the the sucking motion and stroking motion that I came. The *** that hit my hand I rubbed on my breasts. He left and I stayed letting other men ********* on my breasts and my face.when I left I look like a glazed donut.
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56-60, F
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