My First Time In A Theatre

After a dry stretch about a month after breaking up with my girlfriend i was horny and drunk.  i walked about 4 blocks to the adult movie theate in the city i lived in. I went to jerk off to a good flick  so i paid my money and entered the cinema.  i sat in one of the back rows and gave a quick glance around. That is when i notice a guy on the end seat 2 rows in fornt of me stroking a nice veiny ****. i must have stared a bit too long because he saw me and pointed his **** at me and winked.

I got up and sat down next to him and asked if he needed help and he smiled.  i started to stroke him but he put his hand on my head and said "if i wanted a hand job I could have finished myself of"f. he started to pull me down and i let him.
Not really knowing what to do i put my lips around him and let him thrust into me. twice he forced me down until i gagged then let go and said to lick his balls.  i loved it he smelled manly it made me feel sexy like i had never felt before after about 20 minutes or so of this he held my head straight and pounded into me about 4 or 5 times quickly then started to twitch and spurt. i swallowed his load as he moaned and started telling me to take his load like a good *****.  i was stunned, turned on and horrified at the same time. i thanked him and he got up and left. i waited about 15 minutes and left with the taste still in my mouth having forgotten all about ******* myself off.  i was hooked and visited that cinema regularly until i moved for my job.
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