Nude Year's Eve

Well we returned to our favorite nudist resort for the annual Nude Year's Eve party and dance. Just like last year the band was great and dancing fun!  But the real fun came after empting our cooler of refreshments, followed by a few minutes in the hot tub, and a short cool walk back to the rig.  Once back in the rig we quickly ran back to the bedroom to roll around and warm up.  Of course attention to detail was a little lacking and we forgot the night shades were up, although the daytime shades were down they get a little transparent at night. Esp. when the reading lights are on!  We once we thoroughly warmed up w/ a little oral play and some rolling around we practiced about every position we could...and maybe because I was a little tipsy I hung in there a long time ;-). 

Funny part is the window in the bedroom is about half the length of the bed and at the same level so anyone outside might just as well be sitting inside with us.  The next morning I got up and noticed the shades and the spot where I had heard our neighbors partying the night before. 

While cooking bacon New Year's morning the neighbor came over and commented on the bacon's aroma and we talked about the dance. I invited him and his girlfriend to join us for breakfast and they accepted.  We shared a great breakfast (naked of course) and they never spoke of the previous night, but I couldn't help but wonder.  I didn't mention the shades to the wife until we packed and left the park, she would have been too embarrassed to share breakfast otherwise. 

I love nudist camping, but would never have done anything like this on purpose.  Can't wait until next year's party, but I'll remember the shades... before we consume refreshments :-) 
mikes1 mikes1
Jan 10, 2013