On the Altar...

 My girlfriend at the time and I went to church together and during the service she was rubbing my ***** so once everyone had left we 69ed on the altar behind a drape.


I have also ****** my current boyfriend many places in the church.

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12 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Omg thats so wrong but very hot ;)

my first wife , Betty, and me had sex in her bed on the ward of hospital, back seat of a bus, public loos, and in the pool at local lesuire centre.
one place i have always wanted to have sex is in a cemetary but so far have not found a willing partner.

My girl friend and i did it in the cloak room standing up. We were 12 and couldn't keep from doin g it.


awesome. i love ******* where-ever i am when the mood takes me. right on

oh god we want the details

that was very naughty and so wrong i love it. <br />
thanks for sharing

i did it on a alter as well. im a preachers kid, tiwce over, i had a key

Oh my goodness. I will never be able to sleep through another chuch service. I will be to busy with the mental picture of you two on the alter

honey where ever you are if your in the mood then go for it <br />
as long as you did not get caught. Samantha

Go girl! :-)

You are very much horney.How did you managed to do it when the prayer was on.Was your girlfriend feeling shy?Or is she like you i.e.fu****g shameless!<br />
<br />
Please do not mind the harsh words and read my stories.there you will get some more ideas to enjoy.