No Place To Hide

I was staying in the Hotel St Michaels in Falmouth, Cornwall. Late one night, having met a woman in the bar, we sneaked into the gym which was closed, for a quick work out. Well, one thing led to another, as they say and soon we were making out rather than working out. As we left we walked past the hotel reception where the guy looked up and said goodnight to us wioth a broad grin on his face. We both saw the CCTV of the gym above his head at the same time!!!!
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12 Responses May 19, 2012

You know in hotels they have things called bedrooms

The places that have comfy beds and no CCTV

'one thing led to another'
that is what they all say cee
'A broad grin on his face'
U women are too much, TOO MUCH!

Rewarding for everyone involved I guess.

Lucky guy!!!

You give the other sweet food.

Not sure I understand?

If understood, Why shy in acceptance.

How funny! - We've all gotten caught one way or's survivable

Didn't you ask him for the tape?

Love this! Being seen 'accidentally'!!! So hot.

Great! Now I'm going to be spending the entire evening searching YouTube. :)

Ah now that is a great way to work out.I bet he worked out to your "workout video" ha ha

Well the ametuer stuff is always better I find ;)

you must of given one heck of a workout