Well, Let Me See...

Counting various types of sex acts, I have to say I've enjoyed having sex in front of other people since I was age ten or before. Starting around that age, I enjoyed showing my **** to other kids.  Learning to ******* and shoot *** made the experience even more fun for me and my audience, which was usually one or more of the boys but one little girl would watch.

Later on, my first wife and I got pretty relaxed about sex and would leave our bedroom door open if we had friends staying with us who we knew would be *******, too.  We did a lot of ***** poker with some friends, so I got to show my **** a lot.  I guess the only time she and I actually ****** with lights on while another couple was watching and touching a little was one night at the end of a nude photo session.  Neither of us was shy about finishing the evening with a good **** after being turned on so long!  Then, there was the one time that her niece wanted to watch us **** after spending a lot of time over a few years talking with her about sex, etc., but that's another story!

Wife number two liked a lot of sex but was never interested in branching out, darn it!  But, my current (and final) wife and I have certainly had some interesting adventures!  Nudity was the norm shortly after we got together.  Sex with others became a routine thing for us very early on in our life.  I had never been one to shy away from showing off and she is the same way.  Our first encounters were with solo friends; me ******* a female friend of hers and her ******* the friend's son (another story).  Before long, we joined an adult sex party group and were ******* each other and some other people openly at parties. 

Having sex in front of other people is no big deal if you just relax, be yourself and realize that sex is simply a natural function of our bodies that can be shared.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 11, 2012