In front of her mom.

when my wife's mother asked if she could move in with us, I was hesitant. Who wants their mother-in-law there. But my wife begged me saying she had nowhere else to go. So I agreed, but told her on two conditions. 1. She could not take over the house and make rules for us. 2. And I quote, "I'm the man of this house, I pay the bills here, and I'll have sex in any room I want." I did this because my wife and I often watched videos in the living room on the big screen. she agreed, but only if I warned her first so she could leave the room and wouldn't have to watch her daughter getting ******.

for the first few months, everything was good. I'd tell her nicely "I'm going to have sex with your daughter now" and she'd go in another room or go outside or whatever.

as time went on, though, she began breaking the first rule. She started criticizing us for the way we ran the house. She started nagging us when we didn't do things her way.

one night it got bad enough, my wife ran off to the bedroom trying hold back tears, she's never been good at standing up to her mother. I told her "you're breaking the first rule". Knowing her daughter couldn't stand up to her she smirked and said "what are you going to do, kick me out?" a light bulb went off in my head and I looked her right in the eye and said "nope" and I walked off to the bedroom letting her think she won.

what happened next I'll never forget. I closed the door and started kissing my wife while my hand went immediately under her dress and into her panties. She didn't know what was up, but with me being so forceful she didn't object or resist. It even seemed to turn her on faster.

I don't remember all the details of the foreplay, but it didn't last long and in less than 5 minutes from the time I walked in, she was panting, her ***** was soaked and we were both naked.

I opened the door, got behind her, placed hand on each hip and marched my naked wife into the living room and right up to her mother. Before her mom had a chance to react, I lifted my wife's right leg and placed her foot on the couch next to her mom. With her daughters leg on one side and the arm of the couch on the other and us right in front of her she couldn't get up. From behind her daughter, I looked her in the eye, smiled triumphantly, and slid my **** deep into her daughters *****. She was speechless. I ****** her like that for a few minutes, while saying things to my wife like how much I loved her ***** and to stand up straight so her mom had a better view.

I could see, unlike most erotic stories, her mother was not getting turned on but was uncomfortable and horrified by what she was seeing. So naturally, I did what any good husband would do. I laid my wife on the couch, laid her head in her mothers lap, climbed between her legs and pounded her as hard as I could until I came deep inside her.

that was over a year ago, and yes she still lives with us. The warnings are no longer nice, now I made a rhyme..."I'm stickin my **** in your daughter" she can't get up and leave fast enough. And to this day, when my wife and her mom get in a fight, my wife will take me in private and say "can you please "forget" to warn her again?
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good for you

Maybe if you make her so uncomfortable. That she will move out.

LOL that is awesome.