The First Time I Fcked With My Fiance

Not the first time I had sex in front of others [heck I do that a lot] but among the best times was the first time with my fiance - I had been waiting for someone to come home and as a "present" was ************ naked in the bay window in the Green in town and this guy looked up, saw me and stayed to watch. He was there at the same time the next night and joined in by ************ in time to me in a shop doorway. He was there every night that week and we did what was becoming our thing. On the Sunday night -the second Sunday - he held up a sign to say,"Next Friday, same time". I nodded and next Friday it was.
I indicated an earlier time for the Saturday - the next day - (this was almost 12.30/1) On the Saturday, however, I came down to meet him before our prearrranged time (I was downstairs in the street when he got there) and we went for a drink, as we did on Sunday. On both nights when I went upstairs to the flat, I ******** off and *********** in the window, while he stayed to watch and jerk off down in the street.
We arranged drinks for the following Thursday and Friday, with the same pattern (each night I was wet now by the time I met with him, and finding it hard not to finger myself openly for him in the bars [although I did so discreetly more than once but letting him know] and by those when I went upstairs my ******* in the window were towards the more intense of those I had ever had).
On the Saturday - the fourth Saturday - we had dinner early-ish and wandered a bit through the old town. We snuck into the Mither Kirkyard (it is almost a park but alothough locked at sundown, one gate is by superstition always left unlocked. We went in to the Kirkyard (Churchyard) and sat to chat. I began to finger myself - I was that wet and aroused - and Alasdair knelt down to lick me: we had not done any oral I moved to pull of my dress (it and sandals were all I had on and a throw, then to lie back on one of the flat table tombstones a as Alasdair knelt and continued to eat m, flicking my **** with his tongue and fingering me deeply. Of course, he unbuckled his jeans and pulled out his **** to jerk off with the other hand. I was ready for his **** in me oh was I ever ready:- I had never waited so long before with a guy before ******* (somehow this time it was important to get it right in terms of picking a good match) I pulled back and turned onto my hands and offer him my now desperate c u n t (it is a good, old, Anglo Saxon word - no metaphors for me at this point). Alasdair stood - on my hands and knees on the grave I was at the perfect height and spread my lips and edged his head into me. I was wet and slid in the first bit easily then he thrust and plunged in. In and out...thrusting. Facing towards the streetlight and hanging basket near the steps I knew someone was watching us (well, I had arranged that!).

I was so satisfied - proud even - to be mounted by Alasdair: to offer him my c u n t as I pushed back to meet his thrusts into me and reached to caress his balls. It was long and surprisingly slow this part, but deep and hard. I kept pushing my c u n t onto his ****, wanting every milimeter of him inside me, finally. I could not quite reach his balls however, and his arm was round my waist reaching under to flick my ****, rub it but I wanted to see him as I came so I asked him to lie down so I could ride him...cowgirl style and look at the same time for my "watcher".
Knowing that I was being watched - another special person in my life - as I raised myself up and down to take as much of and then more of Alasdair's now definitely growing **** aroused me more...I am verbal when I ******* (but not too loud this time because we were overlooked by other buildings). I could feel him thrusting deeper up into me - that way just before a man comes, that wonderful, exquisite way, as I tightened my c u n t and pressed down, rubbing grinding my c l i t against his body. We came almost together - the feel of his c u m shooting into me drove me over into my own ****** of those where you go dizzy, half blind and start to shake...calling out his name (we ******* e d bareback - it would have been wrong to use a condom in so primal a setting and I wanted to experience it all and I love the feel after of *** dripping out of me).
We stayed with him softening inside me for a while....then as we came apart I told him we had been being watched. He replied that he wondered...and suspected it was planned. We sat down - clothed now Iit is chilly in the North even in June) and I explained who had been watching us and why (but that is another story). Then we went to Cafe 52 for a drink (a coffee ... some brandy) before going back to the flat - the person waiting to watch us there, more openly this time as we ******* e d again, first in the sitting room, then, privately, in my bedroom.

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Excellent story. Well written and very enjoyable. thanks for sharing!