11th Floor Balcony

We were on vacation in Mexico and I wanted to have sex with my wife on our balcony. The wall was glass and she didn't want to be seen from below. I removed the outside light bulb, which could not be turned off.

She wondered about our neighbors and I showed her that the wall to our right was about 2 feet thick, so you couldn't see around it. I didn't show her the other wall because it was thin.

We went out naked and started with me licking her. She was noisier than normal, moaning with pleasure and my face was soaked in her juices. Yummy.

About thirty seconds before she came, our neighbor peaked around the wall and he watched us as she came loudly and intensely. She didn't see because she had her eyes closed.

I had never been watched having sex like that before with the person just about two feet away and it really got me excited. I was already hard and was ready to enter her. I asked her out loud if she wanted to make love on the balcony so that our neighbors would hear that there was more to see.

I mounted her, with my head on the balcony side so she wouldn't see the neighbor if he looked again. I was pumping away and then two people poked their heads around the wall to watch. I smiled at them to let them know I saw them and then just kept pumping. It was so exciting with the couple watching that I didn't last long. I didn't see them again for two days, but that is another story.
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Sep 6, 2012