Carly And Her Cousin Come Over

This is a two part story.
During winter break from my first year of college, I left the dorms and went home for a few weeks. My buddy Brian came over and we were haning out. My friend Calry called me and said she was in town and wanted to hang out. I told her brian and I were at my house and to come over. Carly and I had been very close friends during high school and we were not shy with each other. We had never done anything sexual but had been naked with each other many times. her body was amazing. Her **** were big, full and firm. Great abs, round perky *** and a shaved *****. She came over with her cousin, who also had a good body. She had huge ****, really curly hair and a great big ***. We had some been and some rum and cokes and sat around drinking and talking for a while. It was getting late and we were all fairly drunk. I left the room to use the bathroom. When I came back, Brian and Carly were laying on my bed making out. Brian had his hands on her *** and she was laying on top of him. Her cousin Lyndsey was sitting next to them on the bed watching them. When I came in, she looked at me and gave a seductive smile. I walked over and sat next to her on the bed. A few minutes went by before we started making out at well. Brian and i were laying on the bed with the girls on top of us. I was quiet besides the sound kissing, moaning and rubbing. Lynds put her hand down my pants and started playing with my ****. I started unbuttoning her shirt and letting her DD's out. She had a lacy bra on that hardly covered her ****, they were hanging over the top and about to spill out. We broke from kissing for a minute so she could take my shirt off. Now with our faces seperated, I looked and Brian and Calry were Slightly ahead of us. Both of their shirts were off, along with her bra. Carlys **** were big but did not sag at all and looked like to melons attacthed firmly to her chest. Carly was unbuttoning his pants and he was unzipping her skirt. Lyndsey looked over and saw them and smiled and reached behind herself and undid her bra and let it slide down her arms and tossed it on the floor. Her **** were much bigger than Carlys, bigger than they looked in her shirt. They were firm but the sheer size of them made them hang a little. I grabbed them and squeezed. She put her hands on top of mine and made me squeez even harder. She bent forward and we continued kissing, with her **** rubbing against my chest. I reached between us and started undoing her pants. I got them undone and she stood up and wiggled out of them. This made her huge **** bounce all over the place. She wasnt wearing any underwear and was now standing naked, with her **** and shaved ***** exposed. Her ***** was small, just a little slit you could hardly see when she was standing up with very thin inner lips that hung down a half of an inch past her thick pink outter lips.
I looked to my right to see how Brian and Carly were doing. Carly had no clothes on at all and she had just removed Brians pants and was on her knees in front of hims, smiling with her hands on the waistband of his boxers, ready to take them off. I could see his buldge in his boxers and could tell he was hard. Lyndsy then crawled on top of me, and while kissing me, started to undo my pants as well.She was kneeling over me, after she had undone my pants, she took her right foot, grabbed my pants and boxers with her toes, and with one motion, pulled them down to the floor. She stood up and pulled them off my ankels. Carly had taken off Brians boxers by this point and now we were all completly naked. The girls were both standing between our legs, they looked at eachother and giggled a little. Brian and i took time to look both of them over. Both had great bodies. i glanced over at Brian, and his **** was rock hard and twitching with his heart beat. His **** was about 8 inches and fairly thick. I am about 6, so he had about 2 inches on me. I could see the girls looking at our *****. They then looked at eachother and at the same time dropped to their knees. The took a hold of the **** in front of them and then started sucking. Lyndsy and Carly were close and had gone with eachother to get tounge rings when they were in high school. I had never gotten head from someone with a tounge ring, but it was definatly a good feeling.
They gave us head for a while, all you could hear was slurping and moans. It felt great but I really like eating ***** and told Lyndsy we were going to trade places. She layed on the bed and I got on my knees on the floor next to carly. She looked over at me with Brians **** in her mouth and smiled. I had lydnsy put her feet on the bed, giving me good access to her *****. She was already pretty wet. I ran my finger over the slit a few times and rubber her **** with her juices. Then i curled my tounge around her **** and created suction while sliding my tounge back and forth.
She let out a loud moan almost instantly. I put my finger in her ***** and continued sucking her ****. She was making more and more noise and Carly stopped to watch. I could see out of the corner of my eye she was rubbing her own **** while watching. I was focusing on sucking her *****, fingering it and licking it. I had a nice combination and rythm going and Lydnsy was making enough noise for everyone to hear that she was really enjoying it. She was soaking wet. the inside of her thighs and her all were dripping and glistening. My chin and nose were soaked with her juices as well, she tasted and smelled so good. I was lost in what i was doing and then was brought back into reality when I felt Carly reach over and grab my ****. her had was wet from playing with her *****. She was ******* me and sucking Brian while i was eathing lyndsy. Lyndsy was starting to move around more, she had her hand on the back of my head and was squeezing my head with her thighs. I Started sucking, licking and fingering faster and put my pinky finger against her ******* without putting it all the way in, just to rub it and apply pressure. It only took a minute after that and she said she was *******. Her body tensed up and I got a mouthful of sweet ***.
This went on for a few minutes, I opened my eyes and looke up at Lyndsy and Brian was squeezing one of her **** and she was palying with the other. Calry let go of my **** and climbed on the bed, stratling brian. From the floor I had a great view of her ***** as she positioned herself over Brians ****. I saw her grab it and rub it on her ***** a few times. Then she banged his tip against her **** a few times. She held it straight up, stroked it a few times and put the tip against her *****. She slowly slid down, half way, then up and down and took the whole thing. She let out a joyful sigh and began to ride it slowly. i had stopped licking for a few moments to watch this. Lyndsy reached out and touched my wet face and told me she wanted me to **** her. I stood up and she turned over and stood up in front of me, laying her upper body on the bed. Her *** was wet from her dripping all over herself. I grabbed my **** and ran it up and down her ***** and *** getting the tip covered in her juice. I put it in and slid it in slowly. Carly was riding Brian pretty hard and this point and he slapped her *** and she was pulling her nipples.
I started out with slow strokes. We found a good rythm and Lyndsy was pushing her *** back at I would push forward and we would come together pretty hard. I reached around to rub her **** but her hand was alread there going to work. I rubbed my finger around and got it nice and wet and put the tip of my index finger in her ******* and wiggled it around slowly.
Lyndsy are Carly were both getting even louder now. Brian and Carly rolled over and now she was laying on the bed and he was on top of her. He started giving her quick hard strokes. She let out and 'oh' every time his balls hit her ***. It wasnt long before she was sqealing and screaming and saying she was *******. Brian sped up his thruts and finally she was silent, acrhing her back with her eyes and her mouth wide open. Finally she caught her breath and Brian slowed his pace a little.
Watching this had made me increase my speed a little and my finger was a little further into Lyndsy ***. Lyndsy was throwning her *** back even harder now and I could tell she was going to *** again. WIth my free hand I reached forward and grabbed one of her **** and was thrusting really hard. Lyndsy didnt go silent when she came, she started with 'yes's, 'oh', 'oh *****' and finally was simply screaming. I was getting close to and was trying to hold out until she finished as to not intreupt her pleasure. After a few minutes of her screaming she calmed down. I told her I was going to ***. She said she wanted it on her face. I went for another minute till i could not longer hold it and pulled out, she turned around and dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. It was only a matter of seconds until I blew my load in her mouth. She looked up at me with the tip of my **** in her mouth and I could feel her swallow everything I just gave her.
She and I then just laid on the bed holding eachother and watched Carly and Brian who were still going at it. They wen for another five minutes. Carly came again around the same time that I did. Brian said that he was going to ***. he did a few more rapid pumps and then pulled out and moved up the bed towards Calrys face. She grabbed his **** while he was moving forward. He was over her **** when he couldnt hold it anymore. He shot his load over her **** and some got on her face. She leaned up and sucked out the last bit , then scooped the rest of it off her chest and chin and put it in her mouth and swallowed it down and smile.
Brian then fell over to the side and layed with her.
We were all breathing heavy and the room smelled like sex so bad. We talked about what we had just done and laughed a little bit. We had left the lights on the whole time. I had a futon in my room as well as my bed. I got up and walked over and turned on some music then Brian and I pulled the futon out for he and Carly to sleep on. Between being drunk and having sex, we were all tired. Calry and Brian were on the futon and Lyndsy and I were in my bed. We listend to music and talked for a while until we all fell asleep.
In the morning we got up and got dressed. We talked about how much fun it was the night before and said we would have to do it again sometime
It never happend that way again, but see the next story, Camping with Carly
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Jan 8, 2013