Camping With Carly

A few months after Carly and her cousin came over and Brian and I had fun with them, Carly and I along with a bunch of other friends went out to party in the woods one night. It was late summer and we were at a fairly high elevation so we slept in cars. One of my friends had a really big van, so we took out all the seats and laid down sleeping pads and bags and made enough room for about 8 people to sleep in it.
We partied pretty late into the night. Everyone there had been friends for a long time and we were all very close. Calry and I were together most of the night but there was no flirting going on. It was about 2:30 in the morning when we finally let the fire start to die down and starting getting into the cars to go to sleep. We all knew where our sleeping arraingments were so some people started heading to the cars earlier than others. Out of the car we were sleeping in, Carly and I were the last ones to get in and go to sleep.
When we finally got it, the others had already been there for close to an hour and were passed out. Carly and I shared a sleeping bag at the front of the van, near the door since we were the last ones in. Carly and I had shared a bed many times before, we had been naked around eachother many times and had sex in front of eachother with other people, but besides when we were having sex in the same room, she grabbed my ****, but we had never done anything more than kiss besides that. And the kisses were not anything sexual, it was more just kisses good bye or when she was drunk and excited. we cralwed into th sleeping bag and lay there whispering to eachother for a while. it finally got quiet and I thought she was going to fall asleep and I closed my eyes and got ready to pass out.
Then I felt Carly move closer to me. It was cold out so I thought she just wanted me to keep her warm. She put her face right next to mine, for a minute, she did nothing, but then she kissed me. At first i though she was just kissing me good night but then she slipped her tounge in my mouth. I didnt object at all and kissed back. this went on for a few minutes till I felt her hand move down my pants and grab my ****.
I hadnt expected this that night but I sure wasnt going to stop it. She started stroking me and I put my hand in her shirt and felt her nice full perky ****. I took her shirt off so I could play with her **** and suck on them. SHe used both her hands to undo and take off my pants and boxers really fast. She then undid hers and took her pants off too. I knew that she didnt wear underwear so She was completly naked and I just had a shirt on. She whispered in my ear,'I want to do something nice for you.' We were using the sleeping bag as a blanked so it wasnt zipped up. she started to slide down to my **** and I stopped her and said I want to do it to you too. She swung around and put her *** in my face so I could lick her ***** while she went down on my.
She had a toung ring and gave the most amazing ******* I had every had. I rolled my toung and sucked her ****. I would go back and forth between licking her slit and sucking her ****. It was hard to concentrate with what she was doing to my ****. I had never felt so good in my life. Because we were in an akward position, I was using both of my hands to spread her *** cheeks so I could get to her *****. After focusing on her **** and ***** for a while, i decided to move down a little and lick her *******. I took my toung and swirled it around her ******* and she let out a squeal. 'Shhh' I said trying to remind her we were in a van with 6 other passed out people. She whispered, do it again! I went back and forth between her *** and ***** whle she worked my ****. She was getting into it and making a lot of slurping sounds.
I heard one of my drunken friends wake up and say shut up, I was worried he knew what was going on but he just went back to sleep. We both paused for a moment to make sure he wasnt awake, and when we knew he wasnt went back to doing what we were doing. She was getting my face all wet. Finally, she said out of breath, i wanna **** you. At first I wasnt sure, the van would rock and we would wake the others up. She said we would be careful and didnt wait for a response and she turned around and got on top of me. We were no longer under the blanket and she slid down my ****. She rode me slow but hard. We did our best not to rock the van.
We went for a while when she grabbed my chest and squeezed so hard I thought I was going to bleed. i could tell she was ******* and she sqeaked with deep breaths as she did, still trying to to wake anyone up. After she had ***, she rode slow and not as hard for few minutes then started gyrating her hips and grinding harder on my ****. I had a firm hold of her *** and whispered to her I was about to blow, since there would be no way to clean up my ****, she hoped off and took me in her mouth. With her **** sucking skills, it was the best way to *** I think that could be imagined. I remained quiet while she sucked me dry. She swallowed and craweld up and laid with me for a few minutes before we started getting dressed. We were about fully dressed and I was looking for my shirt. Laying on my back I could see it was behing me, I rolled over and reached out to get it and I could see that one of the girls in the van wasnt asleep. Carly noticed her at about the same time. She just smiled at us and said, 'That was hot, I hope you didnt mind me wathcing.' We tried not to laugh out loud and told her it was fine. She said that she saw the whole thing and almost asked to join in but just touched herself instead. Carly told her next time not to be shy and we all laughed as queitly as possible.
The next morning we got up and made breakfast and the girl who had watched the show we put on sat with us all morning with a sly grin on her face.
I didnt care if anyone found out, neither did carly, but this girl seemed so happy to have the knowlegde of what we did and thinking it was a secret, that we didnt say anything so we didnt spoil her idea of thinking she knew a dirty little secret.
I told some of my friends about it when we got into town and we started sharing stories about Carly and her cousin. I had ****** both of them. My buddy had ****** carly. She had given another one head and his brother ****** her cousin. We all decided that they were two good girls to have around.
Carly is married now so we cant do this anymore but the memories will last forever
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Jan 8, 2013