I was a bed wetter when I was growing up and my mom made me wear cloth pinned on diapers and plastic baby pants.

I liked to wear my diapers and plastic pants and when I was about 10 or 11 I would only have my diapers and plastic baby panties on when I was falling asleep and I would put my hands in the front of my plastic panties while I was laying on my stomach and I would hump on the bed while I was still wearing my night diapers and my plastic baby panties and I would get my diapers just a little wet.  I did that every night in my diapers and plastic panties and then I started to do it after school too.  I still like to wear cloth pinned on diapers and plastic panties and put my hands on the front on my plastic panties and hum on the bed until I get my diapers a little wet.  Now I wear my diapers and my plastic panties all the time.  I ********** in my diapers and plastic panties at least twice a day.

bedwetter7 bedwetter7
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that brings back great memories

my first experiences with ******* were while wearing plastic pants and humping just like that...

I used to hump exactly like you did at 10 too, buut just wearing the plastic pants.

Works 4 Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi bedwetter7 <br />
my mommy/domme knew i was just like you, and she used it to control me and teach me to serve her. i wasn't allowed to touch myself at all, and would be punished if she caught me. eventually i did exactly as she told me. she humiliated me. would have me dressed in t-shirt and my plastic panties and stand in front of me to tell me off. "you really *are* such a naughty, dirty little boy aren't you? i know. i see you." and that excited me and made me more submissive and docile at the same time.<br />
<br />
it sounds like you are having a very good time being naughty on your own too!

I do the same thing with my teddy bear.

I C no problem with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!