My First Sex Was In Real Plastic Baby Panties

i was about 11 and becoming aroused by girls... but they terrified me. i made good friends but i couldn't imagine sex with them. at the same time i began "noticing" plastic baby panties hanging on washing lines. i lived in the flats (tenements) and there were lots of washing lines, and many of them had plastic baby panties. i started to look at them, fascinated, drawn. then i got up the courage and went out one night and 'borrowed' a pair. just the adrenalin excitement and fear of being caught... well, there was plenty of light to see me so i often chose dark balconies. but if the panties i wanted to try were in the light, so be it.

i'd unclip the pegs and take them very quietly, stuffing them into my shirt and slipping back home. in my bedroom i'd ***** and look at them before stepping carefully, one leg at a time, into them.

i remember the very first pair, soft yellowing translucent plastic, and how they felt the moment they were pulled up and made contact with my hot erect little ****. i was in heaven. i felt so good in them i wanted to come instantly. i lay down on the bed and felt myself. i soon discovered that when i leaked a little they got very slippery and 10 times more exciting. as if they amplified all the sensations. the slightest touch or rub sent erotic chills right through me.

i always washed, dried and returned the panties. every one of them. usually a couple of hours after i'd taken them. the return journey wasn't as much fun. i got the adrenalin, but there wasnt anythign exciting to come from it. just the relief of not getting caught and the hypnotic memory of another night in plastic baby panties.

i bought my very first pair a few months into this strange routine. then i never had to risk getting caught like that again.

if you want to hear about my embarassment buying my first pair, comment and let me know.


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Wear whatever you want, that's good for you. I love plastic and always have. Do it do it do it and enjoy the hell out of it, life is good:) !!!

PP2 I was the same about the girls-shame on me. Could have had a lot of fun with them.

Hi Sally - That's a great story. You must tell us more ;-) Sounds like you were pretty adventurous to go to his house. How old were you? How did he know to tease you with them? Did you know about plastic baby panties before this? Hope you'll share more!

My love of plastic pants started slightly differently. Shortly after leaving school I used to go to the house of a much older man as we shared an interest in modeling trains. After my second visit I went upstairs to use his loo and found a pair of pale blue plastic baby pants lying on the seat. I guessed he had deliberately left them there and I couldn't resist trying them on. The result was immediate and I had an accident in them. Feeling daring I just put them back again and when I went back downstairs said nothing. The next time I went to his house he said that the loo was broken but he had made provision for me and invited me to go up to the loo. There I found a transparent pair of plastic baby pants and I saw straight away that they were creamy and wet inside. I was wildly excited and put them on, delighting in their slipperiness, the tight elastic on the legs, their puffiness and their transparency. I couldn't help myself and made an awful mess in them. I was hooked (and still am). What he later wanted me to do was to watch me pee in them - and I did, but that is another story.

that's a great memory, handsbrawn! sounds like just one of many too. you were a very lucky young lad, wouldn't you think? not many of us have girls play with us like that. did they tease you about it at all? or was it a special secret?

When I was young I found a pair of toddler plastic pants and tried them on. They fit and felt great. I got caught by a young girl cousin and she teased me about them. She say how excited I had become and asked to touch me. That made it harder. She then pushed me down and laid on top of me. She had a dress on and she pushed it up above her waste and rubbed her self on my hard thing in my plastic panties. She had nylon panties on and she moved smoothly making us both feel good. I did my thing in my plastic panties and she did not get her panties dirty. She asked me to do her everytime we were alone. What memories.

Many thanks for your reply plastic panties 2,

It feels great to talk about this wonderful subject like this for the very first time.

Best wishes, Sukie one.

hi sukieone

glad you're feeling liberated. at the time of my story, i was so young i had no idea about anyone else. i was sure i was the only person in the world drawn to plastic baby pants. that made it the biggest secret on earth for me. who could i dare talk to about it? no one i could think of, that's for sure. i kept my little secret until late teens, when i went to the U.S. and walked into a **** magazine store... and there they were, little cheap magazines with plastic panties and adult babies. couldn't believe my eyes. i bought all and ran home to read up. do you know, that until then i made no connection between my fetish for plastic panties and adult babies? amazing really.

one of the magazines was a simple xerox "newsletter" title The Diaper Pail Fraternity. i read it feverishly. of course i joined, and that helped me find others and begin talking about it.

i guess this was my liberation. i certainly didn't feel all alone with it anymore.

warm wishes


So many thanks to you for sharing your wonderful story, I too felt the same craving for plastic baby pants when I was a boy, but had no way of acquiring any so I made do with polythene bags and would cut out leg holes. I too would feel so guilty and ashamed. aving just got on the internet and discoverd many others just like me is so liberating. Kind regards,


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I lost my virginity to lovely plastic pants at about age 11. I have always been fascinated by them and when young was always on the lookout how to acquire them and would often "borrow" a pair when visiting families who had young children still in nappies. I would take them home and straight up to my room to put them on mmmm they felt soooo good. I would play with myself through the plastic and although too young to ********* I did experience a wonderful feeling and thought that anything which felt that good cant be bad.

Eventually puberty caught up and one day I shot a load of creamy *** into them it was wonderful. I would then get erect at the sight of plastic pants and sometimes had difficulty putting them on because of my erection. I would wear them in bed at night and hide them away in the morning. As you can imagine they soon had to be replaced. As I grew it was more difficult wearing baby pants no matter how large and they would split and get me very frustrated until eventualy I found out they were also made in adult sizes and I had to work out all sorts of ways to acquire them which I did.

Since then I have never looked back and still think that the best sex is in a pair of palstic pants especially if there is another wearer to join in the fun. If anyone would like to get to know me better e.mail me at Keep those pants slippy

good point bbj...I did in fact lose my virginity to plastic panties...and omggggggggggg was it a delight :)

Great stories plasticpanties2,

I started wearing plastic panties when I was about 5, I was the oldest of 5 so there was not a shortage of plastic panties around my house for about 10 years. I was quite thin and could squeeze into them until my mid teens.

I love the title of your story too, I used to rub and hump while wearing, enjoying the good feelings they caused. Then one day the inevitable happened and I filled a pair with *** for the first time. While it surprised and kind of scared me the first time, I have repeated that more time than I could count over the years. I guess you could say I lost my virginity to plastic pants


fantastic stories plasticpanties2...I can totally relate to all you say...there is something so seductive and arousing feeling that deliciously soft plastic as it slides over your skin...and as you said the feelings increase tenfold once they are so nice and slippery inside...mmmmm

thanks rubberpantiesboy - will go look. i like the pants on protex but was never sure if quality was as good as they appear on screen. so thanks for giving thumbs up to protex.

yea, it'd be great to find a pair like the originals! I think they were Kintal.

Hello ! you shound give protex a try they have clear plastic panties that sound like the ones you use to like ! they are called hip huggers they are bikini plastic panties .

hi plasticpanties 2

thanks for binging such wonderfull memorys back i like you would ride my bike down aly ways looking over walls to see wich lines who had plastic pants hannging out

i would note them and like you wait till dark and sneek out and get them and take them back to my bedroom and have wonderfull wanking sesstions

i think the bran your thinking off in a tube was maws that did plastic pants and bottles

do you also rember brumas from boots the chemist wow you have stired some wonderfull memorries thank you for that


I can vividly remember being attracted to plastic pants myself. I was on my paper route and saw them hanging on a clothesline too. At the time I didn't know why, but I was aroused by them and did take a pair one night. I also attempted to purchase them at our local grocery store and was horrified when the clerk asked me who they were for. I didn't think she knew my family, so I made up a story that a cousin was coming to vistit. I don't think she believed my story as I am sure my face was blushing very red. Never heard anything more about it, I was about 14 at the time. Interesting how the urge to plastic has generally started quite young in most stories.

hi printpants

very colorful memories. can almost see you walking the dog and hitting the washing lines. but did your mom really tumble to it? did she ever say anything to you? she must have found it strange you were drying a pair in your room...?

I remember the clotheslines in the neighborhood, too. I would walk the dog before bedtime, cut through neighbors' yards and pluck a pair from a line now and then. Those were the days of the pearly-shiny panties, the many print-covered styles, and even the ruffly rhumba plastic panties were pretty common. I remember overhearing a neighbor talking with my mom once- she couldn't figure what happened to some yellow snapon panties of her daughter's she hung out the night before- it hadn't been windy overnight, was it? I mentioned that it had been when I was out with the dog, and my mom gave me a funny look. I'm sure she figured it out a while later when she found a blue pair drying in my room.

Hi pal! I had blue playtex plastic panties all over the house when my young brothers were still in them, but it was rare when I could use them. So, by the time I had the real urge to wear them the boys were out of them. As probably like so many of us, it seems, 'twas to the neighboring clotheslines. Yes the pearlised ones were popular here too at that time. I ended up keeping a few pair hidden away, and was I stuttering when mom found a pair drying in the window of my room once!

Wow, placky... i still remember Kintal as my favourite of all time (at that time - not sure what i'd think today). but Sanra Pants - what are they like? i liked Kintal because they were thing, soft, translucent and so smooth. are Sandra like that? are they on the web?

the other more wow part to your story was going to your friend's house! if i'd walked in on that i'd have gone to heaven! not sure i'd be able to contain myself. and i'd do just like you. does that mean we're thieves? i know i put mine back - boy aren't i good - but i still felt like a sneak thief. and yet that just added adrenaline to the task!

how lucky do you get? wow number 3. your friend's mum *gives* you pairs! and bigger ones too for when you grow. that IS amazing. i can imagine a lot of uptight mums freaking out at you. and she's kind. do you think she thought it strange that you wanted to wear them?

thanks for sharing your great memories. they're wonderful. (other people will read this and wonder what *are* these guys going on about... but they don't know ;-)

Hi Plasticpanties2..I also lived in England when I was young,I started off borrowing plastic baby pants from washing lines, it was really exciting, but I never returned them, no way, I had to have a few pairs in case I t5ore a pair.

I loved the Kintal Baby Pants, they were one of the best, I also bought "Sandra Pants " made by Henleys of Hornsey. And they are stiull in business, and they make all sizes still, and they are hand made by Home workers.

I went to visit a friend after school one day, and when I went into his house to play, his mother was sewing plastic pant for Henleys..there were boxes of them all over the place, I used to borrow one ot two pairs every day,sometimes too small, until one day his Mum caught me,she asked my why I took them, and I said I like wearing them..,so she toild me I should have asked her, anyway, she gave me some that would fit me better, and also several pairs that were much bigger so that I would always have some when I grew bigger.I still have a few packets of :"Sandra " pants after 60 Years...and they are still brand new...never used, as I have other "Sandra's that I wear,Such wonderful memories that are still alive..

try, good people, lots of panties - but you have look one at a time and click on the image on the product page to see large photo.

How plasticpanties became my name

This is a series of my posts into the Forum at

i first saw plastic panties hanging on the washing lines, sometime around puberty. my eye was drawn to them. they drew me to themselves. i was immediately fascinated - and isn't that the meaning of fetish? spellbound, i began looking for them: comparing size and color and shinyness, translucency and how neat the elastics. i was hooked. one late evening i ventured out to the washing lines, and in the dark of night "borrowed" the pair i had been spying that particular day. they drew me to believe they would fit perfectly and feel oh so nice. i rush home with them neatly folded inside my shirt.

well, i returned those plastic panties to the washing line - none the worse for a little extra wear. i'd been sure to clean them of my guilty usage. i didn't want to steal them. that wasn't the point. but i did want to feel what it would be like to take real baby panties and see if they would still fit me. and they did!

it was all down hill from there...

i remember the wonderfully acute embarassment when i first ventured to "buy" my first pair of plastic baby panties. i must have felt bad about borrowing off the line, or i'd given the whole experience enough product testing. i was in the right hypno state of mind! so, then i notice a new display in the old ladies wool and knitting shop - the sort that has a bit of everything, just not food. god! amongst the balls of wool, fabric samples and corsets and nylons - there on display was a pair of the sexiest, silky, pearly transclucent plastic baby panties – all fluffed up and open legs pointing at me as if to say “you want to wear me, don't you?” i stuck my nose up to the glass to read the label at the back of the panties. it said Extra Large Size. my heart jumped. i was enthralled, hypnotized and yearning more than i had ever known. i had to have them, or is it they have me?

i dawdled in front of that window so many times that i was scared someone would see me. i used to look around me and in the shop window, and check that no one was looking. then i would sneak a longing look at them – shining and pearly clear, teasing me with their leg openings. they were ringed in white elastic with the tiniest lace edge amking them look both cute and frightening. i knew they would be tight around my llittle legs, and that excited me too.

i had to wait a week to get my pocketmoney, then i walked in. it took amazing courage. i psyched myself up. the aim to great to miss – to be in those silky plastic baby panties. it was winter and already dark outside. the shop had brown wood and glass counters, with products on display in them. the old lady behind the counter was chatting with another, a customer and gossip friend. they paused, and the old lady asked what i wanted. "er, i've been sent to get a pair of extra large baby panties..." i said as clearly as i could.

but with the words out of my mouth, i turned crimson red. i stood there in front of her for what seemed an age, waiting for her reaction. she seemed to be looking at me questioningly.

“do you mean plas-tic baby panties?” she asked, stretching the word to make sure i understood.

i gulped, “er, yes...”

“if you're sure, then...”

she pulled a box from under the counter -- "Kintal - Superior Baby Pants". they were folded neatly in little plastic pouches. she opened one and shook the plastic panties open - dropping them on the counter and asking me "do these look big enough? are you suuure they will fit?" and she looked over my shoulder at her friend and they both laughed. she asked it again whilst she put her hands in the leg openings and opened them out to see how big they were... and then the same again with the waistband, as if she was saying "are you sure these will fit you?"

“extra large is very big. how old is the baby?” she asked as she smoothed the panties and arranged them on the counter.

i went crimson again, “er, um, i... i was told to get extra large baby panties.”

“yes, but how old is he, or is it a...?”

“it's 3 or 4, i think...” i blurted.

i was deadly scared she was catching me out.

“well, if you're sure these are going to fit...”

"yes, they'll do fine... thank you," i replied, fumbling for the money in my pocket.

she looked over at her friend and they “exchanged a glance”, as they say. i sort of knew that they knew, but since no one was saying anything more i was happy to pretend we all didn't know! i was still crimson, but i just ignored that fact.

i couldn't believe i would have them in a moment.

she popped them in a little brown bag and handed it to me. i gave her two shillings & sixpence (about 75cents). i had them. i gripped the brown bag, turned and walked out... and rushed home. i had succeeded!

the panties were beautiful. so new and soft, with the scent of lanolin or lavender. i really hoped they would fit. pulling them out of their pouch, i fluffed them open. my heart stood still. i put my feet in the legs and began pulling them up. i was small and slim for my age. i had smooth boyish skin. they slipped over my knees and i got them all the way to the top. i felt the plastic touch my bottom and penis, and then they were on me. and they fitted perfectly. i couldn't believe my luck. i was in them! they felt so good and warm, and looked so pearly and shiny, i started to ge an erection.

i bought many more pairs of Kintal – extra large panties over the years - all through my teens.

in the UK where i grew up there was a brand of soft, thin pearly transparent (not crystal clear) baby panties called Kintal. these are the first ones i bought and were my favourites for going on 10 or more years, til i couldn't find them anymore. i even got the distributors address from one shop and went there and bought the last box of 10. they lasted me a few more years!

Ah, yes, Kintal did come in a tube - I think. Or was that another brand? But I do remember the plastic tube and the smell and the softness. Brilliant. The other brand, which name I've never remembered, were thinner and more delicate. They would stick to you the moment you put them on - a very sexy feeling it was too. But Kintal were always my favourites. They got very soft and silky once 'em put on, and when they got damp or a little wet they were so slippery... naturally they caused an erection - all by themselves. The guilt and forbidden-ness added to all the soft plastic stimulation made them irresistible. I used to feel soo guilty and naughty, and that just made them all the more arousing!

(Copyright 2008 David Ryan, email

good? thrilling beyond the norm! but then i'm sure - for me at least - that it has a lot to do with plastic baby panties being forbidden. i was about 11 when i first started noticing them. i knew i shouldn't be interested in them, but that just made them more compelling. i remember pulling up my first borrowed pair - and i was small enough that they actually fit! the sensation of the cool plastic against my bottom and the slipperiness when they got sweaty or wet - wow!

my first buying experience is here - stories/Wear-Seethru-Plastic-Pants-All-The-Time/210216 - let me know if that works for you, or i'll repost it here.

I feel the same way about the girls, I would make friends with them, but that would be about it. The feel of plastic pants was more excitimg then being with a girl. I was also more likley to wounder what color panties there were wearing that day. I love to wear my panties with plastic pants, love the color PINK