When In Rome.......

Being quite adventurous, my partner and I joined a social club that was basically a wife swap and not a group sex thing. In the old days it was called a KEY CLUB where everyone met and tossed their house keys in a bowl. Each woman picked a set of keys from the bowl and the owner of the jeys was who she went home with that night.
When we asked about joining the group we were told that there was an initiation ritual and that was to have sex in front of the members in attendance that night. We showed up at the address given to us and were ushered into the living room where we were introduced to the other members. There were seven couples that night. We chit chatted a bit then they asked if we were ready for the initiation. We nodded yes. We were led to a bedroom where we awkwardly started to remove each other's clothes. When we were naked,we got on the bed and proceeded to have sex while 14 people gathered around to watch. After we had climaxed (it didn't take long) we were officially members of the "SEX TRADERS" Then I threw my keys in the bowl and wound up going home for another round with a good looking blond and my partner went with a very athletic looking guy.
We had a lot of fun the three years we belonged to that club before we moved to another city. We never did find another group like the "SEX TRADERS" again.
phph phph
66-70, M
Jul 27, 2010