Love Public Sex

I love having sex when there is a risk element. My wife and I have ****** in many public places. 1 time we were at a local horse track. there were no races that day but they do the simulcast thing. We don't really bet on the races but they have a bar and we like to people watch. Well we had a few drinks there and smoked a blunt before we got there. We were feeling horny (which is usually after drinking and smoking) and there were not a lot of people there, mostly guys. She had to go to the ladies room so I waited for here outside the door. When she came out I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the mens room. We went to an end stall and started kissing and feeling each other up. I got her jeans down and was fingering her. She was so wet and my **** was rock hard. She bent over and started to blow me. I spun her around and ****** her from behind. 2 guys came in at different times and used the urinals. We were on the other end so I know you could see 2 pairs or legs under the stall and my wife and I were not completely quite. We ****** for 8-10 minutes and both came quickly because the whole scenerio was very erotic and risky (there are detailed police officers at the track). We got cleaned up and exited and went back to the bar for a cold one. We had so much fun we ****** again in the car in the parking lot after we left. That was not the last trip to the track and have ****** and gotten blown in many public places
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I love ur attitude, it's so arousing to **** in public places! Bet she has a great ***** that u can't resist!