Not Sure If Public But Ture 1961

it had been a long sunday for a few reason and we had crashed the wall once a few hour before the phone call came.

they police said they were sorry but they really need us at work for a few hours as there was a bad accident on the old road into livermore. as we said not an issues we kissed each other and rolled out of bed and got dressed to go to work.

Our mother decide the other 2 that had been staying with us would be better off if the went with us as we stilldid not not what was going.
our mother woke them up and told then we need to go to work and they thought they would be safer with us and they got in the back of the station wagon and we were off the 5 or 6 miles to work.

it had been a busy first part of the working and it came in waves as the open traffic flow one direction then took turns
we had kissed each other a frew time and once we had gone back to count the oil on hand
we kissed each other in a very speical way as i slide myhand under her dress and played with that special area between legs till she almost fell. the bell rang as i went out to take care of the few car that had pulled in, she whispered i was not going to get off that easy when we got back home. i ask her why we had to wait till then, and she just smiled.

as the cars left, we looked at the time and turned the coffie pots on as we hit the lock on the front door and went back into an area where we could see the back door as we kissed each other and our tougles danced with each other i slide up her dress as she was sliding down her training pants as i strated to touch her she said no that was not what she need then.

roberta turned her back to be and spread her legs and bent forward, it s droppem my pants and exposed my organ and started to rub it along that speical area a few times and she reached thought her legs and grabed it and placed it where she needed to feel it and push back.

at which point she inpailed both of us and her body was so stron and so tight i was unable to move it in or out as i kissed the back of her neck. i could feel her ody as it clamped down on my shaft then released it and did it agin over and over it felt like then i feel my shaft as it started to expaned inside her
as i whispered to her i guess she was going to get her wish as she giggled and said maybe and you did not have to be a math wizard to know this was a bad idea, but what will be will be as i kissed her nck ans whispered well i guess youwill get to start hight school with a babyin you tummy too as she pushed back as hard as she could and i pushed forwared as hard as i could and we just held each other tight as we left nature make the choices
i have no idea how many onces of *** and baby juices  i shot up in inside that cute hard tummy

asi held her tight and told her how much i loved her and he body started to go into a sizure it felt like as it started to shake very low in her body and travel up the body as she giggled again i knew what was going on.

as she whipered i was a naughty boy but she could think of not better place for me to go pee then deep iside of her tummy.   i guess what little *** and baby juices may not have gotten to the right place,  now had a free ride on a hot flood that was washing thought her silky love passage.

as we finished i reaced up and got a car washing towel and placed it between her legs as i dressed fast and walked too our locked and got her dry training pants and rubber pants and then returned and kissed her as i helped her dress and she put both arms around my leg and lifted her legs and put them around me and said thank you she really need that

just as the front bell rang andwe looked atthe time and just smiled at each other as she tuned to hit all the out side lights and our shuft at 2:30 started
but one time she whispered to just wait till we got home today and our mother was at work i was going to be in big trouble
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Sep 24, 2012