Guess The Study Session

we used to have would be public too, as we had a group of kids that all knew each other, But then again it was more then just sex we made love

we had 10 couples in our group plus a few other couple s that joined use that we knew and others had a few friends thaty knew that joined us for these study sessions and we really did study as grades were money to us
and then as other lfet school they always seem to come back for study sessions and they brought others from school thaty knew think we had 30 couples one weekend up at the cabin.
winter many times was the harderst as withthe rain on top of the moutain where the cabin was we were pretty much confoned to the cabin or the cover are over what we called the comunity tabel

and oh yes most of this time we all wore little or not clothing other then the kids thay had to have diapers or training pants on in the cabin as did us and a few other adults that were with us

but we always had a stock of them around as many of wore the same size and many ot the young ladys in our group prefered then that time of month and no one had any issues make love even then

it was not uncomnon to be ask to watch some one elses child or infinte whiel they took there little bag and a blanket to go find a place to make love and there reallyw as no question what they had been doing as certain lips would be very red and puffy and ceratin other parts would be red also and i am sorry what goes into the body comes back out abd event the stuff we all used to prvent a child you would see as it dripped down some ones legs and soom others would be off some places out trying to deal with there itches
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
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Sep 24, 2012