In The Bathroom Stalls

I was around 16 years old and just discovering that I was by-sexual. Lunch hour had just started when I made my way to the bathroom. When I walked in, I heard some groaning sounds coming from the back stall. Just then, the guy who was in that stall must have heard me walking in because the noises immediately stopped. I went into the stall beside his and started my business. I thought it was very strange that he had stopped making the noises. That's when I looked up to see him watching me from the top of his stall. I remember distinctly the kind of warm feeling inside when I knew he had seen my d---. I was quite large even at 16 years old and I guess he could see that I got hard almost immediately after I found out he was watching. He smiled at me and couldn't take his eyes away from my d---. My heart was racing. I quickly zipped up my pants and ran to the sink to wash up and get out before this turned into something else. I don't really know why I was scared because deep down, I knew it was what I wanted. As I was leaving the bathroom, he stopped me by the door and and smiled while he put his hand down my pants. I finally gave in. We went to the back stall and got it on. He bent over while I f--k-d him in the a--. It felt so good and I can't even describe it. We were going for a good 15 minutes before I shot my load into his tight a--. After that, I started to finish him off. Before he could C-m, we heard someone walk into the bathroom. It was a teacher who must have heard the noises we were making because she kept yelling "what's going on in here?!!!". We didn't want to get in trouble so we both zipped up our pants and I slid under the stall to the stall beside it. We both flushed and walked out of our stalls like nothing happened and looked at the teacher like she was crazy. So, she just walked out.
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41-45, T
Nov 27, 2012