Tonight Two

i recieved a private message giving me the time and location where i was to meet her for sex in my truck. refusal was clearly stated as not an option. so when the time came i got in my truck and sped off to the aforementioned locaion. when i arrived she was there in her car with her sun glasses on and a naughty smile brightening her already beautiful face. she got out of her vehicle and into mine and we drove a short distance to a park just around dusk. we got out and slipped into the back seat of my landcruizer and emediately began to kiss. her kisses were soft but deepended and strenthened quickly with out mutual desire for one another. i was reminded of how it felt when we first got together just about a year ago. there were a few cars in the parking area and i quickly looked around for danger as she began to strattle me. my hands rubbed around her back and down to her waste and then the back of my hand found her teeshirt through her sweater and felt her taught young breasts and nipples through it. our kissing quickly intensified and i began taking her sweater off. she moved back over to the seat beside me and began to take her jeans off. then she started to take off her tight little black undies but i stopped her and instructed her to leave them on as i love to eat her out by pulling the panties aside, not to mention for me they aid in forplay. so there this gorgeous, young, intelligent, passionate, and very deeelicious woman of mine was laying back on the seat with her legs spread wearing only a teeshirt and those sexy black panties looking up at me with those loving brilliant blue eyes. i started to carress up and down the inside of her smooth slender white legs then over her panties and partially exposed stomach. it wasn't long before i began to kiss her inner thighs and reach under her shirt and grab a handful of breast. but as her rotating hips got more aggressive and her slow soft maons intesified i knew it was time to get to work and earn this privilage i had been awarded this wonderful evening. it was still light enough that every thing could be clearly made out, even through the tinted windows. i pulled her panties aside and hitched them around her *** and began to lick up and down her slit and flick it against that pink little protruding ****. she let out a rolling moan of approval and i began to increase the pressure until it was time to get that whole ***** in my mouth and start sucking and licking, sucking and lickng with a steady rythm. then she asked me for fingers, fingers, oh how i love to giver her my fingers. so i give her ***** a big slobbery kiss just before i insert my index and middle fingers crossed over one another to aid in a smooth insertion. I don't give her too much at first, just the tips, but with each sucksioning lick of her **** my ******* fingers push themselves a little deeper. some times i don't need to go too deep to have her clawing at the sheets, but this time i knew she wanted everything, so i pushed and hooked up into her until i was feeling her g, and relentlessly finger banged her as she screamed. she was so close, i could hear it and feel it, but she needed a break, so i eased myself out and raised my torso over her and began to kiss her again. i love knowing she is tasting her own ***** and that the tongue that owned her ***** moments ago now saw fit to freely explore her wet needy mouth. we kissed and i occationally pulled away to enjoy the view of her left breast pushing through the neck hole in her tee with perfect circular erect nipple reaching out for me, and her panties still pushed to the side as i rubbed myself against her moist *****. but now i had had enough of thos panties and i wanted unfettered access to everything. so i pulled them off of her and went at her valley of pleasure and passion with all the finess and energy i had left in me. fingers fixed like a bayonet i trust in and out of her repeatedly as i worked her ***** in the way i know she likes it best. she screamed and screamed and then released he soul to me. i felt like a king high and mighty and a loyal subject worshiping my queen simultaniously. her heaving lessened and her sreams softened to moans and i backed myself gently out of her and eased back with my once furious tongue from a full gallup to a easy trott and then to a calm stop. i rested my head against her inner thigh to survey my love with all my senses in all her glory and said over and over again, i love you, god i love you.

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CopperCoil CopperCoil
36-40, M
Jun 5, 2011