Get In The Back Now!

My ex and I were in Brazil one time and we were driving around. He drove to this ghetto side of town and pulled over in an alley. He said he wanted to **** so to get in the back seat. Well, I wanted to be his good little sub even though I could think of a thousand reasons why we should not get it on there and they were running through my mind. We got in the back seat and he barked at me to get all of my clothes off. It was broad daylight and anyone could walk by! I did as I was told without arguing. He told me it would be a quick ****, not for my pleasure and to not even ask to ***. He tried to shove it in, but I guess with all the worrying I hadnt gotten wet. I was silently relieved hoping this meant he would not want to anymore. Angry he told me I would pay for not being ready for him later but reached into my purse and pulled out baby oil and smeared it all over his ****. Without warning he began to thrust into me, because of his size and the position we were in, I begged him to stop and go slow. I felt like I could not take it, he covered my mouth with his hand and told me to take it. He continued to pound until I felt him release in me. He zipped up his pants and got back to driving as I scrambled to get clothed again because there were people walking around outside that could see and obviously enjoyed the show he gave them.
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2011

I hope you enjoyed my dear, and yes hope it was good for you,,..................and people watching?

@stacyjohnson & @funfitcplcanada both very admirable and proper women. thank you for sharing.

I always want Robert to know that when he wants me he can have me, just like in your story