My Truck

One night I got a call from an old friend, she wanted me to come over and spend a night with her. When I pulled up to her house it was a house full of girls I had heard one of her friends say he looks way better than your ex but I played like I didn't. So I wanted to liven up the party a bit so I brought the liquor. She introduced me to her friends and I was turned on by her friend that seemed to be interested in me. So during the party I grabbed her and told her we had to talk so I pulled her into the bathroom and pulled her pants down and she had no panties as usual I started to pound her hard from behind. I just went a little crazy listening to her screams and ******* her wildly and deep. After she came a few times and I got one we rejoined the party keep that our little secret. Before we left the bathroom I told her I wanted a 3some with her and her friend, but she said she doesn't think she's into it. So I took it upon myself to find out and as I started to talk to her she wasn't but I still wanted her. So I would play and flirt with her during the night and grab her *** when no one was looking because she was there with a guy. I didn't care so everyone had left and I gave her my number. That night I ****** my friend to the break of dawn and feel asleep naked right beside her. That morning I woke up to her sucking my **** and really getting into it so I had to *** in her mouth for her I knew thats what she wanted. I left went home and took a shower then left for the mall just to get out the house. While walking the mall I got a call from her friend telling me she wanted to see me whenever I was free. So after I left the mall I had waited till dark then called her to let her know I was on my way. When I arrived at her house she was standing outside waiting for me to pull up, she wore some short shorts to the point where you could actually see her *** cheeks hanging out a little and a blue tank top with no bra. I asked her where she was trying to go looking like that, she said no where she just said pull around the corner to this little dark dead end street with no lights on it at all. So when I parked she just sat there looking at me and I said whats up, she said nothing I just wanted to be with you thats all. Just then I told her to come here and I gave her a kiss and grabbed her *** and breast sucked her nipples and it started to get hot. So I pulled her pants down and she wore no panties but her ***** lips were very thick and meaty she was shaved clean and smelled like strawberries or some type of fruit. So I push her on the back seat and put my **** in her missionary style ******* her hard till she started to shiver. She then got up and said let me ride you so I sat down and let her climb on top and she rode me bouncing up and down fast and wiggling her waist trying to get me to *** so I started to **** back pushing my **** deeper in her as her hands scratched my chest and she sucked my neck biting my neck and ears and ******* all together. I knew how I wanted her and I bent her over doggie style and pounded the hell out of her ***** she started to shake her *** or something and I continued to pound till I felt it getting close but I had to wait on her so I rammed her deep with precision to hit her g spot so that she could squirt for me and as soon as I got her squirting all over my **** I pulled out and exploded like a volcano all over her *** and she rubbed it in and licked the rest of her hand. After we sat there talking and she smiled at me and said this is what I called you for I just didn't know how to say it.
Ridemyface13 Ridemyface13
26-30, M
Aug 8, 2011