I Was 11 He Was 42

i was 11 and me and my friend Julie who lived in Runcorn, I was stayin at her house in the summer. One day we were playing near the bridge and we set a fire in a field and ran off when we herd a voice shoutin at us, we ran towards the river were we saw a man sat on the wall we started to talk to him, i asked him how old he was he said 42 i started to flirt and told him he looked dead sexy, although he smiled he seemed shocked, i told him i was 16 although i didnt look anything like 16 and he i could tell he knew it. then we herd the fella who had shouted at us in the field comin towards us, and i said to the man , say yer our dad, the other man was shouting at us sayin we'd started a fire in the field and the man said something like they have been ere with me , this is my daughter. the other man walked away and we were sat on the wall with this other man we both said thanks and he asked us what we had done so we told him, we talked and i said did he have a car, and he said yes and i said can be go for a ride in it and after thinkin for a few minutes he said ok so we went to his car and i got in the front julie in the back we drove and he asked me were we wanted to go, julie said to watch the planes land at liverpool airport she told him the way and we got there and other people were there in there cars it was a pitch black dark road and i said just keep drivin along this road it went around the airport back towards the river mersey. we stopped and he said hows ere then, we said its fine ere. he asked what are we gonna do ere and said thanks again for getin us out of trouble. julie said i should give him a kiss and i said yeah do u wanna kiss of course he said yes and he learned over to me and kissed me on the lips, julie then said a proper kiss , so he learned back over to me and this time i opened my mouth as his lips touched mine our mouths were open kissin, julie started to cheer in the back so we continued to kiss, now wet and with tongues. i puled away and said to julie yer turn now and she moved forward between the seats and and he snogged with her and then back to me, we did this awhile both me and julie takin turns, julie was more deveoped physically than me she had tiny boobs i had none, i saw julie suckin on his tongue in her mouth so i did the same on my turn. he put his hand on my waist then down my leg, i was wearing tracky bottoms, he put his hand down the front of my trackies on top of my knickers, then down between my legs, he was rubbing me while we were snogggin, he then snogged julie and while he was snoggin her i grabbed his hand pulled it up and then put it down my knickers, i was soakin wet and he fingered me, while snoggin with julie, then back to snoggin me with a finger in my hole, julie then noticed were his hand was and said, i bet he wants to shag you, he stopped kissin me and laughed, he said im not sure yet and snogged julie again, he said to julie i might shag you aswell, julie said shag her first, i shouted JULIE in shock and he laughed again but then took his hand from down my knickers and said to me i think i will shag you, lets get in the back , he told julie to come and sit in the front we got out the car and switched places me and him in the back julie in the front, he sat down next to me and unfastened his pants and pulled them down, his **** was hard we both giggled and he did too, we started snoggin and he put my hand on his ****. julie was quiet watchin us as we snogged, he started to pull my trackies down and i lifted my bottom of the seat then i lifted my legs one at a time as he pulled them off , he ran his hand up and down my leg and then stated to finger me again as i wanked him, i herd julie say , you dirty *******, and we laughed again and he said just wait a minute and he sort of lowered me to lie down onto my back on the seat, his hands went to my hips and as he started to slowly pull my knickers down i lifted my bottom and he pulled them off , he lay over me but not putin his weight on me. we carried on snoggin and he was trying to get his **** in me, i felt it go in slightly and he stopped holdin it and pushed a bit at a time then it reached that point when i could feel it in me, he started to shag me slowly, he was moaning, i was in heaven, i didnt ****** thou before i felt it throb once and then he pushed deeper and in and out a little faster and deeper, then throb, throb, throb, throb, throb, throb, throb, throb,. i could feel it throbbing up inside my hole and the sound he made i knew he was spunkin up in me. He kneeled up over me on the back seat and smiled and laughed he then said to julie, are you next before i go soft, she wasnt so sure but i said yeah its yer turn i sat up looked for my knickers and trackies on the floor and julie was alreay at the back door waitin for me to get out, i got out she got in, she took her own pants and knickers off and lay down on the back seat were i had been, i was putting my knickers and trackies on outside the car and then got in the front, he was wankin himself to stay hard he started to fingered her, he licked his fingers and rubbed it into her hole and lay on top of her and shaged her, after a few minutes he spunked it up her too , they got dressed we talked and snogged a bit more, before he asked would one of us suck him so i did, i swallowed his ***** so i didnt get any on the black top i wearing. after a lot of laugghin and giggles he drove us near to julies house and he left and we went to julies house and to bed.

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I love stories with older men and little gals. So erotic! Thanks for sharing.

wow! hot story!

Sitting in a salon gettin my hair fixed, almost came in my panties, u two luckies.

mmm, sexy story... ;)

Wow pretty intense story there Denise. Very good writing of the story was this A fantasy of yours or did this really happen to you. If not was really good anyway did you ever see this guy again or just that one time.

all my stories are true and no didnt see him again

Oh ok thanks oh wow was A great story and I loved it you started out young sexually. Given the chance would you have done it again with him then.

so damn hot!