Got Her Naked In The Backseat

I was driving along with my girlfriend into a canyon area and I suggested that my girlfriend give me head. She felt it was ok since there were not many cars passing us on the highway. She pulls my **** out of my pants and starts giving me head. I start to notice that she is getting turned on by giving me head more then usual. So I find a turn off point that is only 5 feet from the road and park. She gets into the backseat and starts pulling off her pants. I jump in the backseat and pulled down my pants and underwear around my ankles. She was about to get on top of me to ride me and I slipped off her underwear. She put me inside her and she let out the biggest moan I have ever heard from her and she started ridding me hard. 
I had a feeling that her horniness was because of the outside/public setting we were in so I thought I would test it out and grabbed the pants and underwear she left right next to us and tossed them to the floor of the driver seat. She started feeling for the pants and underwear and when she noticed them not there she closed her eyes and started riding me harder. I took that as my chance to really have fun and I began to slide off her shirt and she kept saying "No baby someone might see me naked from the street." I kept going and pulled it off over her head and to the front seat floor and I made my way to her bra strap. 
I could feel her tense up when my hand was working the clasp. "No baby not the bra, you can't let me be naked where anyone can drive by. You left my clothes far away too and I cant cover up fast!" With that I took off her bra and threw it with the rest of the clothes and she started ******* me hard and came like I haven't seen before. She got right off of me and started blowing me which didn't take long for me to *** in her mouth and her swallow every last drop.
jamesyoungerman jamesyoungerman
26-30, M
Jun 9, 2012