High School Lust

My friends and I would get drunk and high at this one spot. Well one night my friend Erica and I went into the back seat of her car. We started making out and our kissing grew to heavy petting. The next thing I know is that she and I are topless and grinding our breasts against each other. We are both bi and her friend Josh and Mike started to peek inside the car. This would be best oral sexual experience I would have too. She slid my jeans over my hips and kissed and teased me through my thong. Her fingers were amazing. Well Josh opened the back door and we did not stop. She had her tongue, and nose in my extremely hot *****!! She made me ****** several times. While she was doing that Josh started to feel my breasts and tease my nipples. I did not try to stop him I just enjoyed all the sexual pleasure from everyone. He *********** onto my breast and mike had sex with Erica from behind while she continued to go down on me!! It was so intense!! The four of us did this quite often before we went to college.
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4 Responses Oct 3, 2012

A very steamy story. Happy to hear of your first girl on girl experience.

sounds incredible

Fabulous lesbian scene which i love imploded into a bisexual extravaganza Beth. Your ***** must have been so hot and Erica must have been so hungry for your *****. An enthralling sexy story which fueled the stimulation of my ****. Your experiences are so wonderfully exciting and i love reading about them and enjoying the effect they have on me.

Many thanks Beth.


Goodness! I don't even know how to tell you how arousing this is!