Damn That's A Big Gun.

We all know Loggins and Mecina, You momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll. We all know the scene in the song where they are in the back seat where you know it's kind of dark when the da walks up. I was fortunate enough to be raised in the country. Corn field rows and power substations were great cover to go parking with a girlfriend. Being a member of a small local sportsman club allowed great access without fear of police interference should things get risky. I had dated a girl that was good friends through church with my closest friend. We had all hung out before and became very hormonal in love with Gina. Up to this point I had only experienced live sex just a few times. Gina was considerably, at that point at least, more experienced and showed me things that I had only heard about. One of only three woman that have truly been able to get me off orally Gina was the best. After going to see an afternoon matinee on a very cool but rainy Midwest Sunday where she let me finger her to ****** we left to go parking. In a different town with unfamiliar surroundings I was having some difficulties finding someplace secluded. In my infinite wisdom I chose a high school parking lot. As we talked and petted we let the car get nice and warm. Obviously with high humidity the first thing that happened was the windows fogged. We made our way to the back and continued under a veil steamed windows and turned it up with the heat we were generating. I can still remember as I had gotten so close that I looked up to see a shadow. As I reached my hand out to clean away some of the condensation I heard the tap at the window. I looked down at Gina and looked back up out of the little hole my hand had made as a portal to the world outside the back seat and saw only a large .357 revolver used by the local police at that time. I thought maybe Harry Callahan had bent sent. And when I say that is all I saw, that was it. That little smeared spot I had made in the window framed the gun and holster wholly. Having went from a pole a cat couldn't scratch to flaccid I began to scramble. Obviously that is when he realized we were in the back. I hurried up to the front seat and rolled down the window hoping Gina had time to cover. The cop let us go but not after a long look into the back where he received a clear view of her as she laid there. Apparantly she made no attempt to cover and that was good enough to have the officer let us go.
Cottondog Cottondog
41-45, M
Nov 9, 2012