That Backseat Will Never Be The Same

I used to date a guy in the military who was stationed out in Hawaii. We'd hit a rough patch the last time I had left, and I hadn't spoken to him in a while. One of my other friends out there and I had planned for me to come out to visit again, but I hadn't really spoken to my then boyfriend in the weeks coming up to the trip out. The day I was flying out, I was sitting on my second flight waiting for boarding to finish when he texts me out of the blue saying hi, all the normal general talk. He asked me what I was up to and I responded, "Your timing my dear, I'm actually sitting on a plane in Atlanta flying out there today". He was surprised and a little hurt I hadn't said anything to him but remembering the last time I had been there, the surprised part kinda faded. I said we'd talk more when I landed there after giving him the flight number, all that jazz which had been the norm for us when I traveled out there before.

I land some 9 hours later, and while waiting for my bags to come around on the baggage carousel, my boyfriend calls me and asks me what I'm up to that evening (mind you Hawaii is 6 hours behind the east coast at this time of year). I say probably not much since the friend I am staying with is going to be working that night. He says he's gonna be on base playing with the baseball team and once I have my stuff squared away I should come and watch them. After I get my bags, my rental car, and meet up with my friend, I went onto base and found my way over to the baseball field. Sitting down on the bleachers I was still in what I had flown over in, a sundress and some sandals. Eventually when the teams were switching innings, he saw I was there watching. I hadn't seen him play before, but knew it was a passion of his even back home. He eventually was able to slip away and come over and give me a kiss, something I was surprised I didn't refuse after the fact because of how things ended the last time. But at the same time that sexual tension was still in the air between us, and I'm not sure if it was the jet lag or how long it had been since I had last gotten laid but I was excited for him to hurry up and finish the game.

Once the game was over, we stopped by my one friend's dorm room to say hi and catch up with her which eventually led to me and him having a somewhat deep discussion of issues that had been pushed away over the past couple of months. Somehow this lead to us eventually leaving my friend's room, and going back to his car. We continued talking and this eventually went down the path of him kissing me, gently at first, then the sexual hunger in both of us started coming out. Hands exploring each others' bodies like we hadn't ever felt each other before. He broke away and said we should move the car to a more private area before someone noticed what was going on. After relocating, we moved to the back seat where he pulls me onto his lap and resumes his exploration of my body under my dress. He pulls my breasts out of the top and starts sucking and nibbling on my nipples, sending heat all over my body. He barely slows down to get any of my clothes off, after fingering my ***** enough that I'm wet (getting close to soaking at this point), takes his hard **** out and puts it in me; panties and dress still on in the back of his suv. I barely remember all the details unfortunately but do remember some really intense sex and intense ******* where I was fighting back screaming out as they exploded through out my body. Some of which I ended up squirting, a hazard that had crossed my mind as we had moved to the back seat but I pushed away just as fast. The windows got steamed up (and this is Hawaii, I'm used to this happening in the winter back east), my body being pushed around by him, at his disposal for whatever sexual conquest he could think of at the time. Eventually he pushes me down hard on his **** and he unleashes his *** inside of my *****, evidence of the passion that had ensued in the back of the car that night.

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say by the end of this I was "**** drunk" when we finally parted ways that evening. He had to be up early for work (in four hours, I did not envy him for that) and I needed to return to my friend's apartment to crash out and get over the jet lag. This was not the last time we ****** during my visit out there, that is one thing I can say about that relationship, the sex was almost always intense and very satisfying. I just know I left my mark on that backseat of his suv and whenever he sees that stain, he'll remember that night...
FreeSpirit2012 FreeSpirit2012
26-30, F
May 19, 2013