A Police Officer Stoped Us

It was a while a go, I was going out with one of my hottest friends (as friends) but I was very atracted to him, he didn't show too much interest on me, on the contrary we used to share our sexual adventures.

That night nothing were different, we went out as usual, he picked me up and we went to a party at the beach, I remember how sexy he looked on his tights jeans and his buttom long sleeve shirt. I could see a bulge under his jeans and always tried to ask him what size it was but I guess I was to shy for it.

Anyway we went to the party and once in the party we separate, I went to met my girlfriends which were all getting drunk very fast and he went to met his guys, also having fun.

I was wearing this shirt with a deep cleavage and a black bra, a mini skirt and a thong.
Suddenly one of my friends fell into the pool and everyone started to jump into the pool, my friend (whom I went to the party with) and I shared the idea that getting wet at that late at night could get us a cold, besides my shirt could get transparent once it gets wet and I didn't want to get home and have to explain why I went back wet and showing my nipples to him all the way back home.

It was the end of the party for us so we got in the car and left the party, since we had been drinking we were kind of aroused and the talk turned into sexual adventures, then it happened, I told him that I had to ask him something so I took his hand and when I was about to ask him my cell phone rang and I didn't notice at that moment but let free his hand on my left leg and answered the phone (that day I had shaved my legs and put a lot of cream on them so they were soft and smooth and I can say he did notice it because he started to move his hand very slow feeling my leg) it was one of my girlfriends asking me where I was and that if we could give her a lift but she wanted to stay a little longer in the party, I asked my friend if we could do some time and then pick her up and he agreed.
When I put the cell phone down I realized that he was moving his hand all over my lef leg, so I got this chance to teased him a little, then when he gets aroused I might see his bulge inside his pants and that would be the perfect moment to ask him about the size of his ****.
I asked him if he liked what he was touching, he was shocked because he didn't mean to do it, at least it was what he confessed later. He tried to take his hand off and I didn't let him, I told him it was ok and would love to heard what he thinks about my skin. I can tell he was very happy to my reaction and a little nervous too. He said he couldn't believe how smooth my skin was and I let him touch the other leg too.
Now I could see he was getting hard and when I moved to get my legs close to him my skirt lifted a little more than usual and my thong got a little exposed, dont know if he ever noticed but he didn't say anything and I acomodated it quickly because I din't go that fast.
Anyway he asked me what I was about to ask him when my phone rang so I told him I could not ask him anymore, it was something very personal and inappropiate to what he answered: what could be more inappropiate than me passing my hand all over your legs and getting you aroused? How he knew that I was getting excited? I denied it and told him he was crazy but I didn't took his hand off (big mistake), he said then that he was right because he could see my hard nipples trough the fabric of my shirt. Once he ended to spit those words, without thinking of it I reply...you are the excited one! look at that huge bulge under your pants! I bet you would love to get that hard **** out of your jeans to show it to me! He didn't answer and now I blushed and stood speachless, couldn't believe what I just said to him.
He took his hand off my legs and stopped the car in a dark spot, he turned and puting his hand again on my leg asked me how I noticed it getting hard?
Well at this point he was trying to spread my legs a little and his hand was getting closer to my thong.
Then I shot my question... how big it is? you want to see it? he replied. I could not do anything but nodded yes. That started all, he took it out and it was beautiful, I don't know how I ended ******* him off and he took my shirt, bra and skirt off, I was almost naked, I was about to blow him when we saw police lights behind our car.
Damn we are tosted I said and tried to cover my self, he started the car and with one move put his **** inside his jeans and drove away. When I finally could put all my clothes back again, he stoped and the police officer came very angry to his car window and asked him why he was tryingi to get away, my friend told him that he didnt mean to get away and then officer saw me with my hair and my clothes being a mess and he smiled and told us we shouldnt be doing anything there, it was dangerous and someone could see us besides it was against the law. He let us go and we never tried to do that again...at least not at the street.

When I got home I could see my thong was very wet.
Jul 8, 2013