I M*sturbated On A Horse

I have had so much fun and riding a horse is to me a naughty pleasure, While riding my stuff the horse walks along as we enter a village I put one of my hands into underneath my Jodphurs and I start rubbing myself as I make "Myleen" canter bouncing me up and down and make myself very excited. I have decided not to be loud and scream out an org*sm because it might scare her but I grew wet and I knew I had to do something and I was still on the main road as "Myleen" kept cantering the sensation on my p*ssy as she bounced along was getting to much. I immediatly felt the org*sm hit me and I felt my juices drip through my jodphurs and start running down the hairs of "Myleen" I could see the damp patch where I came, it wasn't going to go unnoticed. I immediatly galloped home and feed "Myleen" before I got changed. I changed and I took another horse out of his stall and I galloped him around the field, I tried this time not to get wet, It didn't work and as soon as he lept over a fence I was wet again. I slowed him down and got him cantering as I rub myself this time I couldn't control myself and I cried as I let go after holding it inside me for a short time.
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mmm so HOT !!


thank you hun

i was on horse few times once riding out in woods i was hard an took it out an jerk off on the horse the excitment was awesome

and of course the fear of being caught as well. it got me going so much.

you sexy girl grrrrrrr !


it would make me VERY HARD xxx

*Myleen's back gently going up and down as I bounce straddle on a ***** on her back she doesn't mind my riding her in more than one way*

id love to suck your ***** through your jodhpurs in the stables after a good hack bet you would smell and taste beautiful !
would you let me sniff your saddle lol

if it made you hard then sure, go ahead

wow that is so sexy