Sex In The Forest

I have had sex in the forest on several occasions...but the one that really sticks in my mind is while I was stationed in Germany.  The lady I was seeing at the time was stationed in Frankfurt & I was in Stuttgart.  On one of my many visits to see her we went for a drive and decided to get frisky in the woods close to the Main river.  There was an overgrown path wide enough for our car so we took it.  It was off a not too travelled road...or so we thought.  We parked and preceded to get down to business.  I kept glancing around every once in a while to make sure no one is approaching.  Well I got so engrossed in our love making I did not hear the car pull in behind us.  Next thing I knew we hear a rapping on the trunk of the car...I look up and there stands the polizei.  Now that was a enough to make any man's rod go  He was very polite and simply said that as soon as we were finished we need to move.  I told him we would.  He said have a good in his car and left.  We decided we were finished for the time dressed and left.  That was an experience I will never forget.

RebRouser RebRouser
61-65, M
Jan 28, 2010