Just Now

i'm writing this still in my wet, muddy dress and sandals from ******* in the rain. which i have done many times. the slutty bonus this time was an observer. i was tossing back a few glasses of wine like it was water while my fiance and his coworker cleaned up the bar. bill leered and said "it's pretty late...what are you two up to tonight?"
"as long as it's still raining, we're going to go **** on the soccer fields."
and in retrospect, this probably didn't come off as joking as i intended, but i'm glad: "yeah, why, you wanna come watch?"
long pause as his eyes darted back and forth between me and steve, then "sure."
the 3 of us wrestled around a little bit before i finally said "ok, time for you to go watch"
we kept all our naughty bits covered while i rode reverse cowgirl staring at bill the whole time.
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Has given me ideas for my girlfriend at a local college.