That Rain Storm On Tuesday..

Went out to check the trail cam pics. finally found the big 8 "Heart Attack" after losing his trail a few weeks back. then had a celebratory ****...

we laid out a painters tarp. we started getting hot and heavy. it was POURING outside. he took off all my clothes and pinned me down. he put my legs on his shoulders and slid himself into me. it was glorious. it was raining harder than ever when i orgasmed the first time. then i started taking control. i flipped myself over and pinned him down this time. i started sucking his c*ck facing his legs on top of him and he immediately knew what i had in mind. we 69'd till he finished in my mouth ;)
cheergal24 cheergal24
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3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I killed a nice 8 point this year in NC i can post pics if u want

omg sooooooooooooooo beautiful and SOOOOOOO HOTTT <3 love it rough sometimes and soooooooooooooo love doing it outside!!!!!

Very sexy story honey. I love it