Riding out the Storm

I shared an abridged version of this story with a friend a couple of weeks ago. She beg me to write something longer for ************.
I hope you enjoy. You promised pics ;-)

The day had been hot and sticky as August in New England sometimes is. In the afternoon while visiting my wife’s family after the birth of our 2nd child we were made an offer. The grandparents would keep our girls and would let us use their boat in the harbor for an overnight get away.

My wife pumped several bottles of breast milk because she wanted some wine on the boat. Before we left home my wife had been given the green light to resume sex. That was 3 days ago and during that time, with parents and family buzzing around we hadn't gotten to be together, we both ached for it.

Around 6pm we met the launch and arrived at the board by within minutes. It was a medium sized boat, in a harbor filled with larger ones. It was high season and there were yachts everywhere. All 200 moorings had been filled. Our boat had the engine removed and flowers in planters inserted where there should be access panels. It was high on the water being light without engine and fuel. Basically it was a pool deck and changing room with the harbor as the pool. The aft deck was teak, about 6x10 and had built in cushions seats around the edges and a couple of Adirondack chairs sitting around a small table. Toward the bow there were 2 sets of stairs. One staircase led up to the pilot’s station and the other down to the cabin. The cabin was small and directly under the bow. The door was a beaded curtain protected from the elements by the awning over the pilot’s station. There were 4 sliding windows in the cabin that opened along the sides of the bow deck providing light to the space. There was a bed, about the size of a double bed and a curtained closet with chemical toilet on the opposite wall of the pilot’s station. The bow was fiberglass, slightly domed and open. It was little more than a roof over the cabin with a walkway and railing along the edge to access the mooring.
The evening started with a nice dinner on the aft deck as we consumed a bottle of wine. We talked and joked for a couple of hours. We pulled the chairs close together, held hands and kissed for a long while. Not passionately but the way couples do when they are enjoying just being friends. We watched the boats in the harbor until nightfall. As the temperature cooled to something more comfortable clouds began to form. We moved inside around 9 when it started to drizzle.
We made love several times though not passionately as my wife was a bit cautious after the birth. We were having fun and laughing but not getting kinky. I had brought some silk ribbons for binding but the silly boat had no post to tie them. Around 11pm the rain started to fall harder and the wind picked up. We dozed off to sleep in each other’s arms, naked and content, rocked by the ocean.
Around 3am we were awakened by the boat knocking into something. When we looked out the windows and saw we had drifted into another boat. My wife told me the mooring had come free and we need to tighten it fast before there was damage. I ran out to the bow completely naked and found the line. The wind and waves had pulled the knot loose but it was still tied so we were adrift. I pulled on the line and we slowly started correcting our position. She came out about 30 seconds later wearing my t-shirt to help. It took us about 5 minutes of wrestling with it to get the boat back where it was supposed to be. The rain wasn’t that hard now but the wind was whipping the waves into frenzy. Waves crashed over the bow and soaked us.
Once the boat was secured she wanted to go back into the cabin but I grabbed her, pulled her to me and kissed her. She said “you’re naked”. I looked down at her in my drenched white t-shirt. Her areolas clearly visible, the dark strain on her skin from the recent pregnancy was clearly visible and leading to the where the shirt ended and her public hair could be seen below it. I loved the sight of her naked and wet but this was unusually arousing. I relied “then you should cover me”. I kissed her again with a passion I hadn’t felt in some months. I pulled her across me as I settled on the bow of the boat. I wrapped my arms around her and she entwined with me.
I licked her neck and kissed her ear, nibbling on the lobe. My hands grasp at her breast through the t-shirt, squeezing them together and sliding over the surface with her nipples between my fingers. I pinched her nipple between my fingers as I squeeze, lick down her neck paused briefly for a kiss with my tongue finding hers and then back up to the other ear. I shifted and pulled her closer so she rested between my legs. I abandoned her ear and kissed her neck and mouth again. I caressed up her sides to follow her arms as we both stretched until I found her hands. Our fingers intertwined. I controlled her completely now. Her hands in mine, my legs wrapped around hers pressing her hips to mine. I put our hands together behind her, near the small of her back and dug in my nails as I s slid her up toward me more to let her know what I wanted. She slid forward between my legs. The roughness of the t-shirt gave way to softness of her bush against my ****. We continued to kiss as I restrained her. I started to grind my hips, furrowing my **** against her bush. She was breathing heavy now and struggling, not for freedom but more motion. I picked up the pace and held her tighter in my arms. I was in charge of this dance and reminded her of that with a nip to her neck and slap on the ***. She relaxed and I in turn rewarded her with longer thrust against her. I realized if I didn’t find a something to brace against we’d both quickly be in the sea I made a change. “Grab my wrist and don’t let go” I told her. Then with my now free hands I grabbed her *** and spread her open wide. She grunted as she opened wider than was comfortable. With this new leverage I entwined our legs and pulled hers apart and resting my own firmly against the railing. “Anyone could see into you now, you’re open for the world”, then I slapped her *** producing a louder than expected crack. My thrust in this position took a new tempo. She shuddered and came within seconds so I went faster. Trying to match the waves to counter the rocking of the boat, I was using my whole body to grind my **** against her. I recognized the look on her face, she was about to get loud, she was about to scream. I kissed her sticking my tongue as deeply in her mouth as I could to muffle her. We slowed our movements and her climax subsided with a whimper and several involuntary jerks. She melted into me and I released her so we could be more comfortable. After a moment had passed she looked up and smiled a wicked grin letting me know she was ready to continue.
I pulled her toward me and kissed her then slip myself under her from laying to reclining so now her head rested just above my groin. This caused us both to get tossed about a bit but we quickly adjusted. She understood what I wanted and shook her head no so I gave her a gentle slap on the cheek to remind her I was in charge. She obeyed and lowered her head. Taking my **** in her hands she gave it a jerk before I felt the warmth of her mouth envelope me. She didn’t like giving oral but she knew how I liked it. She licked up and down then took my whole **** into her mouth and let it slide down her throat. Once at the bottom she gave me a little teeth and pulled up. I adored the sensation of her teeth scratching my **** as if moved in and out of her mouth. At the same time she stuck her finger in my *** and wiggled it in place. I almost lost it right there and put my hands on her head to control the motion. I brushed her hair out of her face so I could see my **** sliding past her lips. Her sucking and licking was so good but I couldn’t let this go on for long as I wanted to **** her for anyone who happened to see. I knew once I lost my load our moment on the deck would be gone. The rain and wind had also picked up and without the pushing to center us, we had starting slide dangerously close to the railing.
I pulled my **** from her mouth to a rather delightful pop of broken suction. I kissed her moved us both so I was on top now. I braced myself feet against the railing and I hooked my arms behind her knees and grabbed her wrist so I could push with my knees for leverage. Now it was my turn to smile as I lowered my head between her legs. The rain had made everything wet but she her dampness was remarkable even then and she radiated heat. I parted her lips with my tongue in one long lick from anus to **** and breathed in the scent of her. After several more I lingered on her **** diddling it quickly before giving it some teeth and sucking on it like candy. I did my own version of a blow job sucking in her **** and labia and pulling my head back bobbing up and down until the suction broke, then repeating after a few fast or slow licks. After a few minutes she was writhing and getting harder to position and restrain but I grabbed her wrist harder and pulled tight to keep us from sliding off the bow. She came this time with a scream I couldn’t muffle and wouldn’t have had I been able. She was all mine and the world outside of us didn’t exist any longer.
As her ****** subsided I slide forward and she grabbed me and kissed me. She was mad with passion and was all over me. Discipline was gone as she was now a wild creature consumed with desire. All pretense of properness was abandoned; this is how I liked her. This is what I had worked for. Now she would do anything to be filled.
I move between her legs placing one over my shoulder and slightly turning her. She opened for me wet and red, ready to receive. I slid inside her was ease as I started rocking back and forth. I could tell she was annoyed by the pace. She wanted it raw and fast. Though her disciple had faltered mine was still strong, I was going to make her wait. I slowly increased my tempo as he frantically bucked to spur me on. She came several times but not the big ****** she craved. I could feel myself getting closer, my balls tightening with exquisite agony as I slowed my rhythm to retain control.
I pulled out completely and slide down to the brace myself once more on the railing. As I did I pulled her down and flipped her onto her stomach. When her feet hit the railing she was directly under me with my balls resting on her ***. She looked over her shoulder at me and stuck a finger in her mouth. She had a look of pleading in her eyes. She loved being taken from behind in either hole.
My **** was slick with her juices and she was slick from the rain and the waves. I easily slid into her *** from behind. She let a loud moan and winced a bit from the pain which quickly faded into enjoyment. I continued to have my way with her anus and she got more into it, now starting to move her hips to meet my thrust. I grabbed her wrist and held them in the small of her back. She arched her back to greet each thrust. I was in control again and decided to punish her for the earlier break in etiquette. With my free hand I grabbed her long flowing hair and twisted it until taunt. Then I pushed her face into the deck as I pummeled her ***. She happily submitted as I increased and decreased the speed and angle of each thrust. She writhed beneath me, moaning as we both built to a climax. Hers started first. I could feel her anus clench and release as her body shuddered. I could feel my climax building with every spasm and grasp from her. After holding it for so long every cell in my body ached for release. I lay across her back pushing her flat, just moving my hips this ****** was mine. The feel of her under me made me want more so I grabbed her by the chin and her head to the side so I could kiss her. It built in my toes causing them to flex and grip reflexively, nearly causing me to loss my footing against the railing. My ****** traveled the length of my body before returning and setting behind my anus. I could feel my glutes clench as the world went black and all my senses lapsed into ecstasy. I had no other senses, there was only us, my **** pumping *** into her.
I collapsed on top of her unable to move for several minutes. My mind was no longer able to counterbalance the motion of the boat so we started slipping toward the water below. Slowly rational thought gained a footing and I noticed the waves splashing over me as they broke across the bow.
She kissed me once again and we helped each other toward the rear of the boat to huddle together for the remainder of the night.

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