Almost The Same Room

When I lived in Japan years ago I got used to the small apartments and lack of privacy. My place had a small japanese-style tatami mat room that we slept in. Its paper-thin sliding doors separated it from the rest of the small apartment. A couple times when a good friend of mine was visiting, he'd sleep on a spare futon just a few feet away, on the other side of the sliding door. My japanese gf was very horny all the time and not quiet. I'm sure my friend enjoyed the sound show. When I visited him at his place in southern Honshu, the tables were turned and I slept just feet from him and his gf. There was something incredibly stimulating about listening yet having the door slid shut, knowing it would stay that way. I could openly ********** to their sounds or I would have had such blue balls...

Fortunately both our girlfriends were fine with this semblance of privacy. I had a great time in Japan , but I'll sure say that tatami burns are far worse than rug burns : )
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Jul 17, 2010