My ex-wife and I had been married for less than a year.
There was a big storm, which took out most of the power lines, so we ended up at her mom's house with the ex's sister and bro-in-law.
There was no power so the heat was off and the temperature was dropping. So we piled up in one of the bedrooms, with a bunch of candles to play games.
When it was time to sleep, my ex and I took the floor and gave her sister and her hubby the bed.
The bro-in-law knew I had a thing for his wife (the girls were twins), so he started fooling around with her, just about 3 feet from where I was laying. This got my ex worked up, so she started rubbing on me.
Her sis kept telling her hubby to stop, but he was persistent, and she finally gave in. So we are laying on the floor, trying to be quiet and listen to her sister and bro-in-law, when her sister says for him to stop and get his **** out of her ***. All we heard was him grumble and then the bed creaked as he turned away.
After that my ex couldn't control herself anymore, climbed on top of me and rode me till we both had a great ******.
Of course the next day, we had to hear her sister complain about what an *** her hubby was, but she didn't complain about watching us.
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Wow such fun!!! Great story, thanks for sharing.