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Sharing A Hotel Room

In college over spring break, my boyfriend at the time and a friend and her boyfriend decided to cut costs by sharing a hotel room. There were two queen beds, so we could split the cost 4 ways and have a very cheap trip. The night in particular was raining and not conducive to going out anywhere, so we had a number of drinks in the room, and had a good time. The booze ended up making us all pretty horny, so rather than kick anyone out, we mutually agreed that we didn't have any issue with having sex in the same room. We both stayed with our own partners, but it was a little thrilling to be having sex with other people in the room within eyesight. This experience kind of turned me on to having sex with an audience.
hotnnow hotnnow 18-21, F 11 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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i like to that as well

Great story. Please add us as a friend

I have only done this twice but it is very . Thanks for sharing.

great. have done it many times and it is indeed great, especially when you have to change partners ...

Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing. TWOF

I hope it's a habit now, it's so bbeautiful to watch and be watched

thanks for sharing... its awesome to be ******* in one bed and friends are doing the same in the other

My roommate and I would have boyfriends stay over. The one who didn't have a boyfriend visiting that weekend would generally try to stay away from the room enough to allow plenty of time for sexual activity. Still, you know how at night you can want to enjoy the guy in bed with you, so she and her boy friend would have sex and I would be awake and I could always hear them and sometimes there would be enough light (campus lighting, moon light, etc.) coming in the window to allow me to see much of the action. Assuming I was asleep, they didn't try to hide beneath covers. I would ********** while watching them. The same thing would happen when I had a boyfriend stay over. Eventually it was obvious that the one of us having sex was aware that the other was probably awake and watching (and ************) and didn't let it interfere with our fun -- in fact it added a bit of spice. Most of the guys were pretty much clueless (or, perhaps they liked it and figured if they let us know that we might stop it).

That is a lovely story! Thank you for sharing. If I were one of those guys then knowing the roommate was having some fun of her own would have sent me over the moon!

I found it always added to the overall effect and enjoyment to hear, see, smell, feel, the other couple going through it at the same time we did. Sometimes the all got so "involved" we actually slid close together and did some touchy feely hand groping while we were coupling. Needless to say, that was really fun. Anyway, great story, and thanks for sharing. TWOF

Did you happen to look over at your roommates?

'little thrilling' ... 'kind of turned me on' ? Are these the proper adjectives?<br />
<br />
LOL ... fun story.