Sex In the Same Room

My wife and I hadn't been married for very long when we decided to take a long weekend with another couple.  Being newly married, both couples didn't have much money as we decided to share a hotel room.

The first night it was some what awkward.  Both couples made sure not to impose.  But the second night was different.  We had gone out on the town drinking and all four of us were pretty wasted.  When we got to the hotel room, we started getting dressed for bed, not caring if anyone was looking.

I made a joke about getting in the wrong bed and my wife gave me "the look".  As I got in bed with my wife the ladies were on there sides facing each other talking.  I turning on the TV to see if there was anything good on.  As I was channel surfing with one hand, my other hand was playing with my wife's ***.  I settled on HBO channel with Real Sex starting. 

I don't remember the topic that night for Real Sex but each couple was watching the show made making funny comments.  I started putting my hand in my wife's pants without the other couple knowing.  It was dark in the room except for the tv (which provided much light).

My wife and I were under the covers and I slid my underwear off and snuggled up to my wife who still had her back to me.  My wife and her friend where still chatting and watching TV.  I started kissing my wife's neck and back and started pulling off her panties.  She was trying to act like nothing was happening. 

The other guy kept looking over, asking me what I was doing with a smile on his face.  He started kissing his wife.  The talking stopped and the action started heating up.  I had my hand between my wife's legs and she was getting very wet.  She finally setup out of bed and took her night shirt off.  The other guy couldn't stop looking.


My wife rolled me over on to my back and she mounted me.  The other couple started getting undressed at this point. 


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Not fair. You need to finish the story here in the open forum.

Please tell me for my wife to be as opne!

Well when my wife and I were in bed the other morning, we had just woken up and felt a bit sexy. So I started kissing her and we started getting excited. I took off her pants and felt her all over. When we both got naked we pushed the bedclothes off us. The curtains were open and it made us more excited. When I got on top of her iI put my ... between her nipples and then I pushed into her. While we were riding each other we said that we fancied being seen by another couple. That really made us horny and said we 'd like to do it with someone watching or with a couple or someone in the same room. It was so horny we came quickly and ...... wow! Does anyone in Britain --in South Wales feel the same?

The best sex is rarely planned and having more than 2 people involved is always fun

tell me more

hell yea tell more

We often do it in presence of another couple. My Friend and his wife often visit us and we do it with switch off the lights. But we can feel and listen the suck uff & Ohh....

don't be lame brother, let us all read the rest of your story

Would love to hear more.<br />
My wife and I have always talked about same room sex and are quite intrigued by others' stories

Hey, no fair. You need to post the rest, not make us email you!