It Can Be Both Arousing and Distracting

We have had a king-sized water bed for years because we like to sleep on it. It is also good for some light cuddling because the arm on the bottom has an easier time. Actual intercourse can be a bit tricky though, with all the waves it makes, and some of our friends really don't like it, so we also bought a regular king mattress that fits perfectly in a nook in the room. We call it the "nookie nook."

Usually we go off into separate rooms when we both have company, it is easier to concentrate that way, but sometimes we all end up in the same room. Occasionally we even pile into one bed. There is something special about having two people to suck her nipples while someone else has sex with her.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

The waves can really be tricky with two couples in the same king bed going at it at the same time. Timing is everything!!! TWOF

that is sweet stuff

that is sweet stuff

I feel the same about having both breasts sucked at the same time but we only pretend. Once my friend came by our roof top window and saw my girlfriend and I. Now he wants in. She let me show him some of the photos I love taking of her.