Two Couples - One Bed

One Friday afternoon the phone rang, and when I answered it, I found I  was speaking to my near-do-well brother-in-law. We were far from close,  and I didn't really even like the guy, so I was a little leery when I  found I was talking to him. He informed me that he had been comped a suite at the Hilton, and he couldn't use it. He wanted to know if I wanted it.

"What's the deal?" I queried. With some people, you always know there are stings attached, and I really didn't want to be beholding to this guy if  I could afford it.

"Absolutely nothing!" was his reply. He had rented some rooms for his business, and as an incentive, they had given him a free one sight suite, but it had to be used on a Friday or Saturday night. He said it was  expiring, could only be used tonight, and he had another commitment. If I didn't want it, he would throw it away.

Well, a Hilton Suite is a Hilton Suite, and as there were no strings, I  accepted his offer.  We were already going to the local NBA game that  night, so I figured we'd just make a night of it, stay in town, and come home sometime Saturday. As I was dialing the Hilton to make the reservation, I remembered that they had been advertising that they had  tub-suits, with a hot tub in the room. I figured that the certificate probably wouldn't work for a tub-suite but it didn't hurt to ask.

To my surprise, the reservation agent said that yes, my certificate was valid for that class of room.  So I jumped all over that deal, and made the reservation.  I checked with "The Boss", gave her the good news, and suggested it would be a waste for just two of us to enjoy the tub-suite, and asked her if she minded if I invited our good friends.  She gave it the consideration and time is justified, and responded "Sure".

So I called our friends, told them the deal, and asked if they wanted to meet us at the Hilton after the game. My buddy laughed, and said "We've got tickets to the game tonight also, so we'll just swing by the Hilton afterward, and join you. Funny thing was, I didn't think he even liked basketball.

So The Boss and I drove down to the Hilton, checked into the suite, changed clothes, and caught the shuttle bus to the arena. The game was a  good one, close enough to be exciting, but the home team still won. I enjoyed the game, but was also enjoying the prospect of some naked bodies in a nice hot tub, and what might come after.

We got back to the Hilton and were sitting around the room having some drinks to start winding down, when the phone rang, and it was our friends calling from the lobby, asking for the room number. We gave it to them,  and a few minutes later, they knocked on the door and came in.  The next five minutes were spent talking about the game and other small talk. As  it was already late, my buddy said something like "well, time's a wasting, let's get started" and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, he came out in his boxers and walked over to the bed while saying to his wife "Your turn to get ready!".

She then went in, and emerged a few minutes later in some nice, lacey but otherwise unremarkable lingerie, and walked toward the bed her hubby was  sitting on.  I turned to my wife and said "Ladies first" and she repeated the process. As she came out of the bathroom I went in to make my  preparations. A few minutes later, when I emerged, I found all three of  them in the same bed, my buddy between two beautiful nearly naked ladies, and the second bed sitting empty. This wasn't unexpected, as we are all  pretty comfortable with each other, and had been naked together before.

I said something like "Where am I supposed to go?" and my wife motioned  to join them on the bed on the side she was occupying. I crawled in  behind her, and although it was tight quarters, we all four were in the  same bed.  After some hugging and kissing and frolicking, the girls  proceeded to undress the boys, and the boys proceeded to undress the  girls, and we ended up four totally naked people under the covers in the  bed. In all of this toing and froing the guys ended up on the outside, and the girls in the middle next to each other.

As we were all under the covers, and hugging, kissing, and groping, there ended up being a certain amount of inadvertent and intentional touching  between the ladies backs and bottoms, which were next to each other. With the four of us in the same queen sized bed, it was really tight quarters, and someone commented on this. I said I had a potential solution, and I gently rotated my wife so so her back was to me, and suggested my buddy do the same. This allowed each couple to effectively "spoon" taking up slightly less space.

While snuggling her from behind and playing with her breasts with both hands, I brushed against my buddy's hands doing the same thing to his wife. I tapped his hand with my finger and pushed his hand aside. He got the message, and he started playing with my wife's breast while I played with his wife's breast. it was still a little crowded in the area between the girls, near their breasts, so I moved my other hand down and started rubbing my wife's lips and ****. It became obvious she was enjoying it as her hips started to move rhythmically as she pushed against me.

One thing about my buddy is that once he learns the practical application of a principle, he puts it to use as often as possible. A moment later, I left his finger tap my bottom hand, and he slid between my hand and my wife, and took over rubbing her. Well, I'm not stupid, so I reached over and sure enough, there was another warm wet ***** in need of rubbing, which belonged to his wife, so I assumed my duty and helped her enjoy the session.

So there we were, two lovely naked girls laying face to face with their  eyes closed, husbands behind with their arms wrapped around them, playing with the each other's wife. This had indeed developed into an unanticipated adventure.

A few minutes later, my wife exclaimed "Enough of this playing. Its time for the real thing!" whereupon she rolled over 180 degrees, facing me, pushed me flat on my back, jumped on, and started riding like a rodeo bronco rider. As much as I was enjoying it, I momentarily looked over to 
see how this was affecting our friends, and they had adopted the same position and action.

I honestly don't know how long this went on, but as I thought about it later, it was indeed one of our great experiences that happened spontaneously. It couldn't have been better if we had planned it. Not only was I having fantastic sex in the same room as another couple, it was in the same bed as the other couple who were having sex too!

After I was spent, and a few minutes of cuddling, my wife and I moved over to the other bed, wrapped up in each others arms, and fell into blissful sleep. I awoke at least once in the night, horney, and pleased to find that my bed-mate was horney too.  So we gave a short repeat 
performance before falling asleep again.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of the shower running, and looked over to find our friends were in cleaning up, or maybe partaking of round three, or both.  After my wife and I showered, the four of us went down to breakfast in the restaurant, and then  climbed into separate cars and headed out for our Saturday activities, whatever they were.

While we were often together as a foursome, having sex in the same room,or swapping partners, or even three of the four of us in bed together on many occations, or many of a host of other activities (see my other stories) I think this was the only time the four of us shared a single bed and played rodeo.

It was a great experience I'll always look back on fondly, although we never did use that stupid in-suite hot tub!


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These type nights are what memories are made of?
You never forgot it either!

Delightful, just delightful. Swapped wives for a nude massage one time and that was about the same enjoyable experience.

Man,I would have gladly swapped wive's with you for naked massages!
Between us we'd had ton's of hot ****?

Would offer more if you and wife accommodating? Hint,Hint!

Great story my man!

I forgot Ride'm cowboy!

Now THAT is a close friend

Very hot story. Made me very hard.

I envy you for having such close friends but also congratulate you on this experience :)

I'm amazed that the four of you didnt go for the hot tub as soon as you all got into the room!

I like 4some, any couple like then contact me