Woods Sex.

O often walk in the woods naked and end up ************, but this time my wife was with me. We had been taking some pics of me for a drawing she wanted to do. As usual when I get naked out side I got hard and horny. It didn't take much to get my wife to ***** off. We started fondling and I started sucking her nipples which always gets her moaning. I moved down and lick and sucked her lips which were moist already from the nipple sucking. I spread her lips and her distended **** popped out which I sucked hard. Every now and then my wife would stop me because she heard some thing. After the **** licking I turned her over and rode her hard doggie style until we both came. It was so horny, and the thought of some one maybe watching made it even more so. We do it quite regularly now.
kakdrukker kakdrukker
46-50, M
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Please add me.

@HNC, oh yes it was.

cool story,the fun of sex outside is great

Thanks Yumtit it was, now I'm off to read your stories.

happynakedchick I love your profile pic, it makes me so horny, I'd love to bump into you in the woods.

I am with you Kakdrukker, going naked or in some cases I wear a pair of sexy panties. but jo or having open sex is awesome. Have done it a number of times and boy it is a giant *** loader.

Oh it was, doing it outside just makes it better. I'd love someone to actually watch me.

Doggie style sex in the woods feels so primival. Must have been fun.