Stanley Park - Vancouver Bc

I had sex with a guy in Stanley Park while laying on a fallen tree. It wasn't the intense type of experience that I often crave, however, it was still such an exciting one. There I was, laying on a fallen tree, no pants on, buck naked from the waist down, top pushed up exposing my breasts a bit, and my legs in the air... It was awesome! As he came, so did I. He had never encountered a squirter before... He loved it. I'm glad he did. I quite enjoyed looking up to the tops of the trees as we were *******, leaving our juices on the fallen tree, and being unsure if any passer's by would catch us... and if they had, I wondering what I would do. My pants were not in close range either, so I was definitely feeling very vulnerable there, but loving it still. I felt very free while doing this, yet so trapped in a state of vulnerability. I think this added to the excitement to some degree. As did the simple feeling of being bottomless while outdoors. There's just something so refreshing and nice about being naked outdoors, while in public, and getting away with it. Thankfully we never ended up getting caught lol - Would I do it again... Definitely :)
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super hot story...would have loved to pass by and watch you...
if I had passed by...what would you have liked me to do? just watch or come close by?

It's hard to say. I think I'd only know how to respond to something like that while in the moment lol

lol...possibly, I would have continued sure the action would be hot enough to get me hard and rub myself ;) lol

On that note, perhaps if you came at us with yourself exposed and rubbing, we'd have a pretty clear idea of that your intentions would be to join us, and maybe we would have welcomed you and let u join lol

hmmm thats a nice build already liking this

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Well told story. Sexy as hell.

It made for a pretty of fun experience ;-)

Very cool, just succumbing to the need right where you are. Very HOT.

Thanks a bunch Whooper :-)<br />
It was a fulfilling adventure for this man and I... <br />
Even if we never see one another again, this experience will be a good lasting memory that I'm surethe two of us will carry along with us for the remainder of our journies.

That is a good story,and defined to a tee of a perfect union of two bodies lost in the bliss of sexual feeling .:)