A Day Out At Neston

I was recently married when we decided to have sex "al fresco" so we went out on a sunny June Sunday afternoon. We found a quiet place to park down a creek near the Dee estuary close to the village of Neston on the Wirral (UK). I grabbed my wife and stuck my tongue into her mouth and began to free her G cup boobs to suck on the nipple and cup the huge flesh melons.
She pulled off her cloths and slipped on her bikini and we set off down into the marshes to find somewhere quiet to ****. We found a quiet creek and I pulled her bikini down and shoved my tongue into her crack to lick her cute lips out form where they were hiding. I sucked in the round flesh of her **** mound and began to blow her **** like a ****, in and out until she came hard gasping to catch her breath. By this time I was raging hard and I slipped a condom on and started to pump her doggie style watching my huge erection (8.5") plunging in an out of her soft wet *****, ramming as deep as she coudl take with still an inch to spare. I set up a good fast rhythmn as I ****** her/ I was holding onto her buttocks and alternately stroking up and down her back and reaching round and groping her **** and ****.
As I felt my ****** building we heard someon coming so we quickly stopped and waited red faced and breathless until the guy walking his dog had moved out of sight then I resumed the ******* of her cute ***** (much tighter than before she had kids. when I was ready to shoot, I pulled out and slipped the condom off. I went round to her mouth and asked her to stick out her tongue. I put my bottom of my **** just below the head right onto the flat part of the tongue and.she put her tongue in and out rather than licking with the tip. As the smooth but slightly furry surface of the tongue slid over the underside of my **** I could feel this exquisite pleasure slowly building. By the time I was coming I was screaming with pleasure as I shot my load all over her tongue and into her open mouth. We collapsed at this point to recover before starting agin. But that is another story.
f1yingdoctor f1yingdoctor
46-50, M
Jan 14, 2013