She Climbed Into Wrong Bed

my brother and me shared the small bedroom while my four sisters shared the larger room. our room was so small there was just room for two single beds with a small wardrobe squeezed in between them. my brother joined the army when he was eighteen and i was thirteen. while he was away i was able to wear my nappies more often and to wear girls clothes while alone in my room. my brother used to get home every second week end so i was not able to dress then. when he was home he would go out with his girlfriend on the Saturday night and would bring her home for the night. i would pretend to be a sleep then lay in bed listening to them making love. i would have an almost constant hard on listening to them. as our beds where only three feet apart i often got to see brief glimpses of Sandra's naked body especially when she got up to go use the loo.
one Saturday night they as usual came home from the club, had noisy sex and feel asleep, which gave me chance for a ****. i had just started playing with my self when Sandra got out of bed. i stopped what i was doing and lay silent and still, waiting for her to get back to bed and sleep. when she came back in to the bed room she switched the light on and checked my brother . he was sound asleep snoring loudly. Sandra then switched the light of and to my surprise she got into my bed. i did not say any thing and did not move pretending to be asleep. Sandra lay beside me and i felt her hand move down my body and take hold of my rock hard ****. she gently stroked it for a short while kissing my neck at the same time. she then moved down the bed and taking my **** in her mouth she gave me my first ever blow job. when i *** she swallowed it sucking and licking me dry. she then kissed my for head and got back into bed with my brother.
nothing else ever happened after that night and she never mentioned it and neither did i.
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Amazing story, loved it. two thumbs up.