Cruise, First Nights

One of the times my husband and I were on a cruise a sexy incident happened. It was a week long cruise, and this was the first time we were on one.  The first night we got to our room around ten at night and quickly got into bed for some fun.  I don't know what it was but I got quite vocal during sex and am sure everyone around us got to hear.  How do I know?
The next day I got looks from our neighbors once they realized who it was where the moaning was coming from.  If you've never been on a cruise, the rooms are set up kind of like a hotel, except they are closer together and, I guess, the walls are much thinner.  It was ok, though, there weren't many kids in our hall.  I mostly saw adults from young to old. 
One of the neat things about this cruise line is whenever we got back to our room we would find these towel animals that housekeeping made.  They would make like elephants, or monkeys, or frogs out of towels for us.  We thought it was pretty neat, and always wondered what animal was going to greet us next.  We noticed they did it twice a day, but weren't sure exactly when.
The second night I was just as vocal as the first, except it lasted a little longer, especially since we also had sex earlier in the day.  The next morning people would see me and some would laugh.  The men would kinda give my husband the thumbs up sign as we passed by them.  It was a little erotic knowing they knew what we were doing it. 
That day we stayed out pretty late and actually didn't make it back to our rooms until 2 am that night.  Even though we had been drinking quite a bit, when we got back to the room we were pretty horny and had another sex-filled session, except this time I couldn't keep the vocals up like before.  Then we went into a heavy, deep sleep.  Also, we didn't have one of those port side rooms but rather an interior one with no window, which meant that when the lights were off it was pitch black in the room.  Well, at what felt like early in the morning I felt some movement in the bed but thought nothing of it, especially because I could barely pick my head up, let alone open my eyes. 
Finally I did wake up some time later and saw a very peculiar situation around me.  First the covers were completely off of me, but that in itself wasn't a big deal.  Maybe hubby removed the covers from me and admired my body before he left off to do some gambling (they have onboard gambling on some cruise ships, maybe all of them).  Second, my husband wasn't there, but that's not a big thing either.  I had more to drink than him anyway.  That would explain why my *** hurt a little since when I'm drunk I let him go back there more than usual and we must have gone beyond simple anal probing with his finger and he probably ****** me in there good, maybe even deposited some *** in there.  As for my vagina, it was a little wet, but an odd kind of wet.  My legs were parted slightly and I could feel a bit of wetness trickling down my vagina, yet this wasn't very odd in itself.  I've woken up horny when I've had the right kind of dream.
But none of this was weird.  No, the weird part came when I turned on the lights.  The first thing I saw was a towel frog on the counter.  One that I do not remember being there before.  Next was the towel monkey hanging off the ceiling, or clothes rack, that makes more sense (my memory fails me).  Also one that wasn't there before.  I started to wonder when housekeeping had come in and how much time they spent ogling my body.  This caused me to worry a little when I realized my nipples were a little wet (well, they had dried by the time I woke up but did have that after wetness cold sensation), and even sore but the soreness could have been from my husband abusing my ******* that night, which would also explain some of the marks on my boobs.
Oddly enough my husband came back to the room just as I had gotten up and gone into the restroom.  I've heard of some cruise lines having community showers but this one had showers in each room.  I was still naked, but in the restroom, when he walked in and after I finished in there I opened the door and, seeing me naked, he picked me up and tossed me on the bed."Hey sexy thing," he said, "guess who won some money?" as he waved a handful of cash to me.  Then he caught sight of the towel animals and asked, "Huh, did housekeeping come in?"
"Yeah," I said. 
"Why's the bed all messed up?" he asked.
"Um, I lied down on it a little while ago after I had jogged some laps.  I was tired, tried to burn off some of the alcohol," I told him, lying as well as I could. 
"Oh, ok," he said as he bent over me and took as much of my boob into his mouth, sucking on it the way I like him to.
That was just a little bit of foreplay fun though and we got up and he let me get dressed so we could go out.  As I walked out after getting ready I couldn't help but notice the housekeeping crew, some of them at least (three males) were looking at me differently than the first day.  I can't explain it but they seemed to have changed their behavior.  One stared at my chest more intently and another just averted his eyes to the floor when I was near him. 
To this day I cannot say what exactly happened that morning, but get aroused when I imagine what I think happened, and what could have happened.  Though my husband could even have tried to trick me and set it all up himself but the fact that he can't make a towel animal (however, maybe he's faking he can't) doesn't support that theory.
But only half the time on the cruise had passed, there were still a couple more days of fun-filled adventure.

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I imagine you had great service all cruise from the crew after that

Wow! Could some one have slipped you a date drug and took advantage of the moment..........