The First Date Turned Into A Wild Night

I met a girl online,  according to her description she sounded quite nice She told me she was 5'6" and curvey but in good shape. We chatted online for a while and we decided I woudl come to her place for our first date. I showed up and knocked on the door. She opened the door, and what I saw was really nice. I hugged her, and I checked her out, she caught me doing it. She was in shape but had a very nice hourglass figure. She was wearing form fittgin jeans and a somewhat low cut sweater that really showed off her breasts very well. She was a 36DD at least.

We stayed in her kitchen and made typical small talk as she prepared dinner, she was a self-proclaimed excellent cook. She asked me at one point " So, do you like what you see, and I what you expected?" I responded, " Oh yes, you 're description of your didn;t do justice to what I see" She turned a little red. " I'm glad you like what you see" I then asked her " how about you, am I what you expected"? She turned from the stove and looked at me, I saw her eyes lookgin down at the buge in my jeans. The Diretor's chair I was sitting in kind of accentuated my package. Her eyes came back up to mine and she smirked " umm yeah very nice" She knew I caught her looking.

She finished making dinner and I sat at the table at the chair on the end where she pointed me to go. She brough out a plate for me, and herself. She poured us each a glass of wine, then sat down in the chri next to me, and her knee brushed agasint mine, she left it there, touching my leg. She looked at me and smiled "dig in" We ate, and I don;t even remember what it was, but I do remember it was good, and halfway through dinner after the wine had warmed us up, she placed her hand on my leg, about halfway up my thigh and was stroking my leg a bit. We finished and she said to have a seat in the living room on the couch. SHe got up and tok away our plates then came and sat right next to me, her leg was right agaisnt mine. She put her hand on my leg again, and I put my arm over her shoulder.

Shec aught me tryign to look down her sweater, she giggled. " so what did I tell you, 36DD". "Indeed" I said, very impressive. She was rubbing my leg again, the bulge in my pants was growing under my jeans. She looked up at me, and before I knew it our tounges were dancing. She didn't hold back, she straddled me, still kissing, I reached for her boobs over her sweater, then up her sweater. She took off her sweater, then her bra, her amazing **** were in my face. She then took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, where she ******** out of her jeans and thong. I took in the sight for a moment, amazing curves, she had a short landing *****, above her blad labia. She unzipped my jeans and pushed them to the floor, along with my boxers, my **** sprang out. I took off my shirt, and she pulled me on to the bed. She took my **** in her mouth, then asked if I had a condom. I put it on and she was on top of me riding me. as quickly as I could manage to get it over my ****.  Eventually I ended up on top, I puled out as I was about to ***, yanked the condom off, and exploded all over her naked body.

One hell of a first date.
akamario akamario
36-40, M
May 16, 2012