No Argument

I met this attractive woman at work ,gave her a ride home
and asked her out I did not ask if she had a bf
I figured that was her problem
She accepted so we went to a very nice place
we danced a bit,fooled around and had a good time
We got in my car and I kissed her and she clung to me and
responded , She asked me to slide across the front seat
and she would sit on my lap facing me
I slid across and she told me to undo her blouse and
bra which I did
She had wonderful full boobs
which I felt then her hard nipples
By this time she had my zip down and was getting my hard out
I asked her about her pantys
and she said they were loose fit
Next she slid my hard into her soft warm self
and I lasted about 5 secs
i apologized and she said it did not matter
I thought all women wanted it to last
I did not know that she did not enjoy sex
and this was my reward for the good time
I also did not know she was engaged to a guy
We got married two yrs later
The easy sex caughter me
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

What an interesting story. I am glad you caught her. How long ago did this happen. I can only imagine the wonderful life you have built together. I hope you taught her to enjoy and even to crave sex over the course of your marriage.