Sex In A Hospital Bed And Got Caught

Basically I was admitted into the hospital to have a biopsy done the following morning, so as a result my gf decided to come visit me to my surprise, she was really horny and adventures as she was wearing a bright red coat and being touchy and grabby with my ****. After all this teasing she loosens the belt to her coat and lets her long coat drop and underneath, was a total mind blowing suprise she was wearing something special which consisted of a sexy lacy g-string with a garter belt and nothing else. Well surely that got me totally hard and crazy to **** her as how adventures she was being.

Since her ***** was just shaved you can tell she was soaking wet from the glistening justice flowing down her thighs as result of seeing this it drove me crazy and I just threw her onto the hospital bed and started to lick and claean that wet ***** of hers, this drove her crazy that she just grabbed and sucked my **** like never before wet and sloppy with a great dp. After all that I just shoved her to the side of the bed and ****** her ***** deep and hard. Now hear I am ******* her like no tomorrow trying to keep the noise down that I didn't notice my nurse comes in to check up on me well that surely surprised us, but we where super horny and continued to just **** her n to my surprise my nurses just walks aways with a sorry btw she was a hot well figured women. As I'm ramming away she returns locks my door proceeds to undress and well short story it becomes a hot ********* best time in a hospital.

suzumi suzumi
26-30, M
Jan 31, 2012